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SteamGifts private group (No Discussion)

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    SteamGifts private group

    1. If you win a key that you already have, you need to request a re-roll. All keys listed on this page are for Boards users only.

    Just setup the private boards Steam group named BoardsieSG

    PM or reply with your steam ID in the form* to get invited to it.

    I cant find some people so can you send the steam id in the form*

    So what rules do people want for the private group?
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    You can then log in to and setup a raffle type draw and limit it to only the BoardsieSG group. This will be fair as it will allow a number of people the chance to get the code and not just the first to reply.

    Also these draws can be setup so that only people who have contributed games will be allowed enter so this will stop people who only take, never give.

    Once a draw is setup you can post the URL here to let people know about it. Here is how to link to a giveaway - use this code format:


    Any ideas/suggestions then let me know.