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External Adverts links thread: Read OP before posting

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    In order to facilitate those who do not want to post their wares here, the following thread is a links thread for adverts belonging to the poster on other sites. Rules of the thread:
    1. No discussion in thread, this will lead to immediate carding
    2. The layout for posting adverts, as described below, should be followed at all times
    3. No bumping of ads
    4. Dealing as such will not take place in this thread or on this forum, do all such dealings through the other site, these links are from the other site and have nothing to do with us.
    5. No discussion in thread or issues to be brought up -saying it again to reinforce the point
    6. As per links should not be to sites with offensive/NSFW sites, if you are unsure what constitutes these types of sites, read the rules of boards that you siad you read when you signed up
    7. We take annoymity very seriously, but be warned, by linking to an advert that may have links to you or identifying information, you are doing so at your own risk, posting on this thread is considered an acceptance of this risk.
    8. This is a trial run, for one month, if people seem to have difficulty following the rules on this, we will close the thread

    "Any questions, PM the mods - this thread must not be used for discussing rules, moderation, or indeed anything else - it is simply for linking to your external advert"

    Adverts should be laid out in the following fashion. In the title, the name of the item for sale
    In the body of the post:

    Type of Item: eg. Bike wheel etc.
    Description:A brief description of the item/items. Make, Model, age, price general quality, faults, extras etc.
    Price: Price as advertised on external site, not what you'll consider, only what is advertised on the site.
    Link: A direct link to the website where the ad is placed be it,, eBay etc.