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Zyzz 2013 log; The chubby Peter Sagan Story

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    Possibly a bit late into this, but I've been meaning to get one up and running for a while. I'll spare you the novel..

    Weighing in around 100kg (on a good day), crazy to think I got down to 86kg last year..but being a guy..Ill blame the pregnancy :pac: Ill be posting all my training in here regarding cycling and diet, I need something to keep me on track and what else than a log where I can get slated by boardsies if I go off it! Im not racing yet, nor am I in a club but that is certainly a plan for the near future, my hill climbing needs a lot to be desired :( According to my Strava which I started up mid-feb Ive racked up around 2000km to date, which gives a 250km a week which I want to up to around 300/350km if not more. New bike is around a month old, its a Felt, great bike, great ride!

    Hopefully I can get some followers in on this thread to keep it active, everything is welcome, from questions to off topic stuff..

    ..aswel as getting some good weather for once :rolleyes:



  • Threw the Felt in for a service on Monday and unfortunately won't be ready until tomorrow so I had to take the old Boardman out. Oddly enough I did close to 5000km on her in the past few months and never realised how small it was :eek: Literally had the seat post close to it's maximum reach..needless to say I was reaching quite far down which gave my back a bit of soreness..shattering my arse bone a few years doesn't help with certain positions on the bike. My legs also didnt really adapt too well to the quick saddle height fit.

    Only did 40km as she felt fairly rough, brakes and gears need some TLC. In and around the phoenix park then back home. Good to see a good number of cyclists around there, funny how the good weather brings them out of the woodwork..even saw a guy doing some laps in a set of aviators..odd choice of sunglasses! :pac: Was feeling somewhat friendly today so I gave a few waves to fellow cyclists..well..either that or because I didn't have my good bike my superiority complex kicked in!

  • Went on a spin on Sunday after work, Im always knackered afterwards so I grabbed a quick bite to eat and headed out. In and around the Phoenix park again to do some sprinting, managed to get 8th overall (out of 500) on a certain segment so Im happy with that. Only 4 seconds off the KOM so that is definitely something in my reach..whether or not I can do it on the Felt and the basic cycling gear I have..not sure (Q emotional music :pac:) Only did a shade over 40km to add to the challenge on Strava, I'd like to complete that :)

    Time - 01:33:35
    Distance - 41.7km
    Average speed - 26.7km/h

    Out again tonight for another tonight, was in 2 minds whether or not to go out with the wind. Kept it short and simple, shade under 70km around the Phoenix park and over to Howth. Managed 8th overall on a certain segment..may not sound too great but its out of 988 people :)

    Time - 02:39:55
    Distance - 68.5km
    Average speed - 25.7km/h

    I'd love the opportunity to take a TT bike out on some of these segments, fully kitted out..feel I have a lot of untapped potential and KOMs in these legs :pac: