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Need a job? Gis a job!

  • 14-03-2013 10:24am
    Registered Users Posts: 25,560 Kess73

    This thread will be for folks to put up links for jobs that are currently advertised, or for jobs they know are available at the time.

    It is to be for this purpose only from here in, so that way everytime a new post is spotted in the thread folks will know that it is news of a vacant job position. For folks looking to find work or looking to change jobs I think the old thread was a little disheartening in that they often saw it containing new posts butwhen they checked the new posts were made up of chat.

    But I also think the chat was very useful as it gave folks a chance to discuss work, unemployment, cvs and more, so with that in mind I will be creating a second thread that can be used for that sort of chat or for folks to ask/offer advice and support (of a non legal nature).

    So this thread, which will be stickied, for advertised jobs only, and the Work chat thread will be for everything else from here in.

    So get the job links flowing folk and let's try to help each other out

    Below are a few useful links as suggested by shaane

    FÁS job seeker in Limerick City

    FÁS job seeker in Limerick County

    Paul Partnership jobs bulletin (updated weekly)

    Indeed (gathers jobs from every site and puts them in the one place)