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*****Charter - Please Read Before Posting*****

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    Welcome to the Ladies Lounge.

    First and foremost This forum is for the discussion of topics from a woman's point of view. We do welcome male input, but do bear in mind that this forum is first and foremost for the women of boards to have their say, from their point of view.

    The Ladies Lounge is not a place for men to come and start threads requesting opinions on X, Y and Z from women. Women aren't of a single mind or opinion. It is also not the place for men to respond to a thread on a women's point of view with "what about men?", this is considered "whataboutery" and off topic posting. If you want to discuss such subjects there are other forums on Boards where you can.

    Anyone breaking any aspect of the charter will be first warned (by one or a combination of PM/infraction/on-thread) and then banned for any further violations. The length of the ban will depend on the degree of the violation or amount of previous violations.


    Enjoy the forum! :)

    Start new threads if you are not happy with the current threads.

    If you have a problem with a post, for whatever reason, please use the report post function. ( report.gif) We try to read all the threads, but a particular post may be missed for some reason, or we may assume you do not have a problem with it, however, if you report it, it will be brought to the attention of the tLL mods faster. And while we may not find it appropriate to act on it, please be assured it will at least be looked into.

    Keep things civil. No name calling, personal abuse, unneccessary aggression, snide comments, or backseat moderating. Common sense and basic manners go a very long way to making everyones time here a pleasant one. Snide comments about other posters will not be tolerated. If another poster annoys you, either report said post, or quite simply ignore it. In extremis you can even chose to put another poster on ignore. Breaking this rule anywhere on the forum will heavily moderated.

    If you are creating a thread for discussion, do try and include a link or source and give the community your own opinion, rather than just one line of text.

    DO NOT:

    Make sexist jokes, rape jokes, paedophilia jokes, or post porn. No degrading, slagging or dismissing of women whether you think it's funny or not. We take this rule very seriously.

    If a poster has posted a serious thread for discussion, do not race in to be the first with your 'hilarious' reply.

    Derail threads or drag threads off topic, or drag up old threads. If you wish to do so, start a new thread. We will delete any off topic or derailing posts. Do not keep reposting it if your post has been deleted. We will not be PM'ing every person who has a post deleted, but feel free to PM us to ask if you are not clear why your post was deleted and we will do our best to explain it to you.

    Post pick up lines, flirty come-ons, requests for pics, or dating profiles.

    Post gift requests. Use the Gifts & Festivities forum. Similarly, this is not a forum to ask about clothes, shoes, makeup or anything to do with fashion. Please use the Fashion & Appearance forum for those subjects.

    Post or request medical advice. We cannot give medical advice on Although we do encourage general discussions about various aspects of women’s health (see the Women's Health thread) please be aware that threads requesting medical information will be locked and posts deleted where necessary.

    Have a conversation on-thread with another poster. This is considered derailing the thread and will be removed. Use the private message function or the dedicated "chat thread" stickied at the top of the forum entitled "Ladies who lunch" for this purpose.

    Argue with a moderator instruction in thread. This is considered derailing a thread. If you have an issue with a moderator instruction or warning, please PM one or more of the other moderators. Please be advised that moderators will discuss this amongst themselves if it is in relation to the moderating of the forum. This makes sure nothing untoward is happening from either side.

    Post links to Facebook (or any others) "Vote for me/besty friend/charity" polls. They will be deleted.

    Post threads requesting the members answer questions/provide data/looking for volunteers for college course work, studies, surveys or for publication. They will be deleted. In the case of long term members who have contributed to the community this may be relaxed, but please contact the mods of the forum before you post.

    Post "request for friends", "new to X regional location - please advise" type threads.
    Please feel free to make use of the dedicated forum for meet ups HERE(see below Private Meetup Forum section for gaining access)... And of course for any geographically specific requests, there are the regional forums HERE

    Use TXT speak.

    Accuse another poster of being a re-reg on thread. If you are concerned, report the post and it will be looked into and if the person has re-regged to circumvent a ban the mods will take the appropriate action.

    Don't feed trolls. That's what they want and it only feeds their egos. Please ignore them and report the post and we will take action.

    Don't discuss other forums, or their moderation. Problems with moderation in other forums should be dealt with in those forums, or in feedback.

    Unregistered posting in the Ladies Lounge

    With regards to posting on sensitive topics, there is the facility to post unregistered on this forum.

    To do so, log out, and use the 'New Thread' option to start a new thread, or the "reply' button to reply to an existing thread.

    Please choose a name other than 'unregistered' as it can get confusing when several people are posting in the same thread using this name.

    Your post will have to be approved by a moderator before it is visible, so please be patient.

    The Charter also applies to all unregistered posts, so if your post is in breach of the Charter, i.e it is inappropriate, abusive, or trolling, or simply not of a sensitive nature - it will not be approved.

    Private Meetup Forum

    We have a Ladies Lounge private meetup forum - the thinking behind this is that details of where a group of women will be at a given time and place should not be public for all to see.

    We will still continue to organize tLL beers in the main forum but as these are larger events the chances of something going wrong is significantly reduced.

    Here are the rules to gain access:

    1) If you are a lady with more than 100 posts, please PM one of the moderators of The Ladies Lounge: You will find their names at the bottom right of the forum page.

    2) If you are a lady with less than 100 posts, please PM one of the moderators of the Ladies Lounge as above, but include a front facing photo of yourself holding a piece of paper that says "I am (username) and I request access to tLL private meetup forum" This is to ensure that we are only allowing women in. Photos will not be posted to the forum - it's not a popularity contest.

    3) If you are a gentleman, I am afraid that we are not allowing you access at this time.

    4) This private forum can also be used for debate on issues where only women can participate.

    Online Dating Threads

    All threads relating to online dating should be posting the the dedicated online dating forum. The forum is by request, to be granted access - please PM one of the moderators - miamee, Sinister Kid, or BDJW.

    Here's a feedback thread that gives you a guide to gaining access.


    There is an expected standard of effort when posting in this forum. Lazy generalizations fall below this standard. Comments regarding personality traits which begin with words like "women just want to" or "all men are" are never true, and never serve any purpose except to inflame other users who feel the need to post to object to them. Therefore, they will be regarded as flaming (posting a intentionally provocative post with the deliberate intention of bringing the thread off-topic) and users may be banned or infracted at the mods discretion.

    The mods will not be under any obligation to give any further warnings before enforcing this, or any charter rules.

    It is your responsibility to make yourselves aware of the rules of posting here

    Ignorance of the rules will not be accepted as an excuse

    If in doubt - PM one of the mods.

    We appreciate from time to time things will come up that are not dealt with by the charter. This is not an absolute hard and fast list of the rules. We reserve the right to revoke access for bad behaviour that is not currently covered by the charter.

    Thank you for reading.

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