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Basic HTML/Twitch Bio

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    I know basic HTML is fairly easy to do but it's fairly time consuming for someone who simply doesn't do it regularly (me). I'm looking for someone who is pretty competent at HTML, or any programming for that matter to help me out if they got time.

    I'm not asking for anything complicated, just something that would add a bit of glam to my stream. I've been learning HTML on the side (and very slowly -- I work full-time as well as go to Univerisity) but I'm a long way off achieving what I want.

    I'm looking for someone who could write basic HTML to mimic, or look somewhat similar, to what I currently have -- but obviously with proper HTML and not converted to an img like I have -- which can be seen on my channel here..

    As you can see it's very basic but it will just make my stream that little bit more appealing to people. If I can get someone on board who is VERY good (aka; competent in several languages) I'd probably be willing to pay for regular updates and edits.

    (Not sure if right Forum!)