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Tindie Recently seen horror movies!

  • 09-01-2013 9:44pm
    Registered Users Posts: 1,257 ✭✭✭ Tindie

    I hope it's okay me Join in! :D

    I started of With

    Wishmaster (1997)
    (This a re-watch, I have seen this once before)
    This movie start of with a bang, I loved the first scene in the movie, very odd and very gross, the effect was really good in those scene.

    I found plot really well done, I found wish master not too scary, I found him a little too funny to be scary!

    However I found him more creepy when he had the humans face, he got one hell of a evil face :P

    I was shocked with some of tye gore in this movie , wow, I didn't not see that come,
    (He makes a prison, rip a cop Jaw right of his face,
    Ouch!) that had to hurt! , really fun to watch!

    This was a really fun movie, the acting was not too bad in this movie, it's really suited the movie well, effect were nice in this movie.

    I going to give this movie 7 out of 10, This movie is a lot of fun!

    Wishmaster 2: Evil Never Dies (Video 1999)
    This is yet another Re-watch, ,I have seen this movie 3 times now, As I saw this before seeing first year or so afterwards.

    I really loved this movie, I found the whole movie a lot of fun but not as fun as first movie.

    This movie as really nice gory deaths, which i really liked, Effect are so fun to watch and some were just playing weird even for Wish master movie.

    Andrew Divoff is outstanding playing the wish-master,He face just give you the creep

    The lead actress went bit over the top with some of acting in the movie, some of cast were really bad in this movie, the most of them were decent, they could have done better.

    I loved the last scene in the movie thought it's was so funny!, I didn't like some of effect near the end of the movie, I don't think it fitted well with other gory effect that worked really well with the rest of the movie.

    Not as good as first movie but still a fun to be had in this gory sequel!
    6 out of 10

    Off to see the next 2 now for the first time! :eek:



  • Registered Users Posts: 1,257 ✭✭✭ Tindie

    Wishmaster 3: Beyond the Gates of Hell (Video 2001)

    This was very boring movie, compared to other .last to movie in the series.

    I found the plot in this movie way to silly even for the wish-master series and they tame down on the gore in this movie.

    I love gory death in first two movie that makes the fun, that is another reason I didn't like this movie, as it was not fun to watch at all, like the other in the series.

    I hated the affect that there new actor playing The Djinn, I just could not get used to him playing this him. he nothing compared to Nathaniel Demerest who fitted the role perfectly.

    The acting in this movie was not too bad in this movie, better then I would have expected in this movie.

    And I Hated the ending of this movie, what really crap way to end a movie.

    3 out of 10 (That 3 Points are for the actng)

    Wishmaster 4: The Prophecy Fulfilled (2002)

    Now I seen this movie , I said to my self, It's can not be as bad as the last one and boy was I wrong as felt more of the same.

    I saw this back to back with 3rd movie yesterday, I Could not believe what I was watching .

    The plot was just unbelievable rubbish and this whole Angle think was, just , I have no words how for that.

    The movie was filled with silly fight scenes that last way to long and are very predicable.

    One thing I did like in this movie, there were some few good bloody scenes in this movie that liked.

    I didn't think Michael Trucco was decent in the role again the acting in this movie was not bad.

    I thought it's was okay but I think they should have had better ending to the series overall.

    I am going give this 3 out of 10

  • Registered Users Posts: 1,257 ✭✭✭ Tindie

    House (1986)

    This was very first horror movie that I brought on VHS and Then I think it was Ringu, I Know for sure those were the first two horror movies I brought VHS

    House was in the horror section, So I thought it be would have some funny moment in this movie and some scary parts in this movie.

    How this movie was not horror movie at all, Its more of comedy movie and some of some stuff that this movie come up with were just way over the top and not funny.

    I did laugh in some place in the movie, I thought, I did find the Rubber monster really funny, no scary at all,

    I think I may have enjoyed this more when Teen and as adult you would find this really silly!

    I thought plot was ok-ish and the acting was really good from the cast!

    I give 5 out of 10

    House II: The Second Story (1987)

    Why is this rated 15? , He Should have been a PG!
    as this as got to be the babies horror movie I ever sat thought, it was Absolutely ridiculous.

    The whole movie felt like watching Kids TV show like Sesame Street, the next time I baby siting i will show my nephew (Who is 8), I got him into Chucky When he was 5. He love watching Seed of Chucky!, I am sure that even he won't find this movie funny or scary at all!

    I just found the whole movie very childish and Creatures in this movie, what the hell, Well that dog was kinda of Cute lol.

    The acting was well very cheesy in this movie, it fitted in really well rest of really too cheesy movie.

    I didn't not find this movie funny at all and it was not scary at all and it was not even rude, there were no swear words in this movie

    3 out of 10, Really silly

  • Registered Users Posts: 1,257 ✭✭✭ Tindie

    The Horror Show (1989)

    What it's used to be called in the UK , When he wasn't selling too well by it name as and the the plot with Shocker came out with the same kind of plot and poster about the same time so they decided to name it House 3.

    If they didn't name it House 3, I don't think I would have seen it! however This as go nothing do with house Series at all, it just from same Producer of the house series that all.

    This was not a bad movie, I found this movie very dark in the good as it was more serious the house sequels.

    This about Detective who catches Meat Cleaver Max" and watches the electric chair execution from the audience.

    Soon is haunted in his Dream about him, which some times can end up being really in the movie.

    Some parts of the movie were very slow moving however I did still kept in tune of the movie, I really enjoyed some of effect near the end of the movie.

    Some of the make up effect was really good and fun to watch.

    The acting was really good in this movie from the whole cast
    it's was Okay movie but dose not fit the House series at all,

    I give 5 out of 10

    House 4: The Repossession (Video 1992)

    This one wasn't no were near as good as the first movie but maybe improvement on second movie the series as wasn't too silly.

    Roger Cobb (William Katt) is killed in a car accident. His family must move into the house that has haunted him for several years. Soon the family begins to experience scary and unexplained phenomena.This is about the house

    I didn't really get into this movie at all, I found it really dull and kinda of boring for most parts.

    There went many bumps in the night and some strange thing the house help to fight off some robbers!

    I kinda of liked the sweet ending to the movie. 3 out of 10

    Off to Psycho series now, not seen first for very long time!

  • Registered Users Posts: 1,257 ✭✭✭ Tindie

    I saw these two movies on the weekend

    Psycho (1960)

    I have not seen this movie in full for very long time,

    I would of thought that movie would feel a bit dated now , t didn't at all,

    I never thought of it before but this movie felt like it's was way before it time.

    The movie flowed really well there was slow parts in the movie, which were not boring at all and there was great atmosphere in this movie.

    Some scenes in this movie were very creepy at times and the acting playing Norma bates was outstanding playing Creepy Psycho.

    This movie had a very good twist in the movie that may shock people if they already didn't know about it.

    Who can forget about that famous shower scene, which still kinda of work after all these years and I thought the whole movie was really great.

    The only bad thing that I can say about this movie is that one scene did look little out dated then the other parts of the movie , I am talking about the Stairs death dose look little silly today.

    Also The acting in this movie was great from the whole cast and Alfred Hitchcock did an outstanding job on this movie.
    9 out of 10

    Psycho II (1983)
    Normally you think a sequel after so long, would be really bad idea, (Well in these day) Back in 80'S with whole slasher movies come out all over the place.

    It was Surprisingly really good sequel to the first movie ,

    Normal bates is out and back as sane at the very moment, some people are happy at the moment.

    Normal bates try have normal life but soon is Haunted by the past again.

    I thought this movie was really good, I found the movie flowed really well and there were some good shock moment in this movie.

    I loved all the twist and turns in this movie, They worked really well with the rest of the movie.

    However this didn't have the same impact as the first movie, it had some tense moment in this movie but not as creepy as the first movie and Norman bates well didn't seem that Creepy compared to the first movie.

    I Love the way the movie ended thought it was great way to end this movie,

    The acting again was outstanding from the whole cast and I really enjoyed this sequel

    8 out of 10

  • Moderators, Entertainment Moderators Posts: 12,013 Mod ✭✭✭✭ jaykhunter

    awesome stuff Tindie. If you see Psycho 3 & 4 let us know what you thought. I was pretty happy with the sequels, how could you really follow up the original!

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  • Registered Users Posts: 1,257 ✭✭✭ Tindie

    Psycho III (1986)

    Not really sure what to make of this one, I didn't think was as good as the first two movies in this series.

    I loved the way the movie started as really grabs you in straight way and then we seen Normal Bates back in Hotel again,

    It's felt it more of re-harsh of first movie in some parts of the movie, with 80's Vibe to it instead.

    There were some really shocking moment. that didn't see coming in this movie, which I really liked the out come of them.

    I don't why but I felt sorry for Norman in this movie, as the past get coming back to haunt him and Finally came though in the end.

    Some of the deaths in this movie were really bloody at times and again , which really annoys him, those silly stairs death, Who falls down the stairs liked that!

    I did like the how the movie ended as he was finally free but I didn't really under stand the last scene
    (His in the police car and then he saying he finally free and then takes the dead Hand out of his pocket)

    I thought acting in this movie was very good from the whole cast

    I still think was very decent sequel but not as good as the other movies.

    So I going give this movie 5/6 out of 10

  • Registered Users Posts: 1,257 ✭✭✭ Tindie

    Psycho IV: The Beginning (1990)

    I really enjoyed watching this movie, I found this movie Better then the 3rd movie,

    I love the way to movie flowed, Bit of sequel and a prequel in a way, the movie grab me in and I didn't not if looks away from screen once.

    Some of stuff in those flashback were really shocking, He had a really bad Mother and stepfather of Hell.

    The kills in this movie were not as gore as the one before due being a TV movie.

    So we know why we became the person his was, I found ending really good as the story did have a good ending.

    8 out of 10

    This as been a great series, I was going to watch Bates Motel (1987) but trailer as really put it's off and I have heard nothing but bad comment about movie.

  • Registered Users Posts: 1,257 ✭✭✭ Tindie

    Prom Night (1980)

    I thought this was my first watch, as I sat to watch, I don't if the trailer that showed most of the movie or not, I Felt that already seen this movie before.

    So that makes think, if I have already seem this movie before, Why did I forget that I have seen this movie?

    So I gave it other watch, I liked how the movie started of the prank going wrong, it was bit silly now and it dose look a out dated now.

    I found the whole movie very boring and those scenes drag way to long and all the actors were way to old for playing teens as then looks early 30's

    I didn't like any of the death scene in this movie, they were not gory or that good, I didn't find the killer scary or creepy at all, I knew who the killer was from the start , very predicable

    Good acting for really dull slasher movie

    I going to give 4 out of 10

    Hello Mary Lou: Prom Night II (1987)
    This as got nothing to do with the first movie as that good think as I thought the first movie was really poor with some decent actors.

    This movie is about Mary Lou is ends get killed in fire as she became queen prime.

    30 years Have People who saw Mary lou died . will repay with their lives .

    Vicki who going on with Son of the principle who was one set fire to Mary Lou.

    Vicki soon start act stranger then normal and people notice and soon we know that Mary Lou as possessed her.

    I love this movie as I love the start of the movie ,I found first ten minutes of this movie better then the whole of the first movie.

    This movie we have actors who playing there own age and love of of the weird scenes in this movie.

    I love hoarse scene was very cheesy and I lot more fun then first movie and love the ending of the movie.

    The ending was perfect, it fitted really well with rest of the movie

    7 out of 10

  • Registered Users Posts: 1,257 ✭✭✭ Tindie

    Prom Night III: The Last Kiss (1990)

    This third movie in the series which ends up being a really fun comedy at times.

    If you looking for Horror movie this is not one at all, As this sequel to second bring back Mary lou again.

    This movie was no were near as good as Part 2, I not sure if liked this better then first at the moment.

    I did find some of this movie more fun to watch then the first prom night movie.

    Some of the deaths were very, what that word I am looking for, Fizzy , yeah go with that.

    I didn't really like Hell scene in the movie, seem out of the place and the acting in this movie was not bad,

    I give 4/5 out of 10

    Prom Night IV: Deliver Us from Evil (1992)

    So second time in series, this movies to new story, this as got nothing to with any of the ones before.

    However the opening scene is might to be the same night Mary Lou died by the fire in part 2, However as that happen out side a crazy priest killed two of teens who were having sex,

    Few years later Prince is back and start the killing spear off again and kills anyone is having any Sex.

    This movie got to bit more serious then the last two movies in the series

    I thought the story was little weak for this series, I didn't fact the series went from comedy to serious again,

    I Thought the movie was very slow and I didn't think the movie that creepy or scary and the movie wasn't that fun to watch.

    the acting was really good from the whole cast

    Not sure what to rate at the moment!

    Prom Night (2008/I)
    I have seen first prom night movie, I thought it was really dull and boring wit some decent acting from older actors playing teens.

    This is not real remake too the Prom Night (1980), it' nothing like first movie at all.

    This movie start off with fake scene or dream she telling some one that family were being killed.

    I did like that scene in that movie, I thought it was very decent scene but it's shame it fake scene in way. that the best of the movie.

    I found the rest of the movie really dull at times, I didn't really like Killer or the way he killed people off, the kills were all the same, the ones that were not of screen.

    The acting wasn't too bad but the story was very bland from the start to the end.

    How the movie was very predicable too, I don't think was the worst slasher movie I seen, I seem a lot worse then this.

    However I don't think this was better or worse then first prom night movie.

  • Registered Users Posts: 1,257 ✭✭✭ Tindie

    Kill Theory (2009)

    I Thought the trailer made this movie look really good with a lot action it.

    This movie 3 couples going to cabin for the weekend and soon are in danger when some stranger Kills one their friends and tell to Kill there Friends, If no one kills they will die.

    I think the plot for the movie was decent twist on normal cabin in the woods movies There had some decent actors, who don't over act their scenes.

    There were decent Bloodly moment in this movie, they could have been more bloody for slasher movie.

    I felt this movie a bit too much like Donkey Punch that came year before, Which I didn't really like at all, (Not seen it that movie for while, May need to re-watch that, I didn't really like that at the time)

    I didn't like how the movie ended at all, I thought it decent twist on normal slasher movie but don't think there anything that really stood out their for this movie to get notice.

    4/5 out of 10

    A Little Bit Zombie (2012)

    This movie of with mosquito flying and there stink a Zombie, Mean while a guy, his best friend, his sister, and his bride-to-be (also a "bridezilla") come to the Cabin to have Stag night.

    Craig get bitten by that mosquito zombie, Some he slowly start act a bit diffrent then normal.

    This movie had me laughing a few times , with some silly gags like Farts and Funny vomits scenes.

    I one the worst Chick fight scenes but I do think it was meant to be bad as I did find it funny.

    There were some bloody moment in this movie at start and in the last few scenes, The rest of the movie wasn't meant bloody moment.

    As Craig is only a bit of a Zombie,I think the acting this movie is very campy and in fits in perfectly with the rest of the movie.

    During the credits there some funny pictures and small scene at the very end, which I thought was nice funny touch to this to campy fun movie.

    it not as good the big names like Shaun of the Dead, Zombieland, Braindead, this movie is more on the level of Fido or Wasting away.

    I going 7 out of 10 really good fun!

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  • Registered Users Posts: 1,257 ✭✭✭ Tindie

    The Possession (2012)

    I am so gutted, That I missed this cause of the PG 13 Ratting.

    I didn't not expect this movie to be that scary or creepy but dame this movie was really good for PG 13.

    I liked the fact the movie dose not drag at all in any scene, start of in first 15 before the movie get into busy with strange things

    There were some really good decent creepy scenes in this movie, The X-Ray scene was really tense and creepy. I loved that .

    There did have really good atmosphere in some scenes that some of scenes tiny bit more creepy!

    I enjoyed how the story came to a end, I Did not expected that to happen in the very last scene
    at all, I did make me Jump.

    The acting this movie was outstanding from the whole cast

    7 out of 10

  • Registered Users Posts: 1,257 ✭✭✭ Tindie

    You I won't believe the two movies i sat thought today

    Bigfoot County (2012)

    Swear, I don't were to start with this movie as the movie just fellt

    .................................................. .....................

    .................................................. .......................

    .................................................. .................................

    .................................................. ............................................

    .................................................. .................................................. ....

    ^ That, (The hidden meaning in that was, the movie just felt Blank from start to end.

    I felt the movie stayed on one stage and never really mood forward at all,
    the bunch of scenes of nothing put together.

    Not one scene was scary or creepy at all, not even one small bad scare scene to make Jump or even blink,

    When I thought this movie could not get any worse,

    it goes into some kinda of hostage movie, some of tge cast end up going missing, you have no idea were they go.

    I don't know, Maybe I missed cause, I wasn't really paying too much attention to the movie near the end.

    And the end of the movie, made me laugh out so loud, it's was so. so, SO, Badly done.

    The acting this movie was very wooden from the whole cast, I Did not care one person in this movie at all, I found all very annoying

    2 out 10

    Next movie!

    Bigfoot: The Lost Coast Tapes (2012)

    Yeah,. yet another Big foot movie, which was made in the same year, almost came out at the same as well.

    I am Clad I saw the other before this one.

    I actually enjoyed one much more then Bigfoot County (2012), This had bit more of plot to it and even filmed better.

    I found the start of the movie very funny, there were really cool funny jokes that made me laugh out loud.

    There were very likable characters in this movie, you care for at times,

    the movie dose not break any new grounds in this found footage genre.

    I found that this movie flowed really well, with a lot of action in the movie, there were some good decent images of creature, I say!

    But we never fully scene the creature at all but we do see bit of the creature, we never really know if a who or what.

    There some decent effect in this movie, which I really liked and there were some bloody moment in here and there but don't expected a bloodbath or anything really gory as this movie, very little of it.

    I maybe I liked this movie more then I should cause of Bigfoot County (2012), which is much worse then this movie.

    I going to give this movie 4 no, I give it 5 out of 10

  • Registered Users Posts: 1,257 ✭✭✭ Tindie

    The First Power (1990)

    A killer is given the gas chamber after committing several demonic murders. His spirit is released and given power by the Devil. Now the cop that caught him before must find a way to do it ..

    This was more of Thriller then horror movie but saying there were some strange things that happened in this movie.

    I thought this movie was full of some really good actions scenes, some really strange fights scenes in this movie.

    Those back flips were good however

    after a bit a felt the story could have ended to sooner then it did, the last half of the movie felt like it lost something,

    I liked the start of the movie, it was like edge of the seat stuff, the movies loses that in second half.

    The ending was could have been much better then it was, I found it a bit of a cop out in the end.

    Not sure what to rate at the moment.

    Ghoulies (1985)

    This movie came on late last night.

    I knew the movie was going to be bad but well it was really bad but what Did not like
    it was never really about Ghoulies at all , it more about person who gets the power

    We do get these see Ghoulies , all different from one and other but there don't really attack anyone until about the Hour mark.

    The attack scenes were a little tame and effects were not too bad but watchable in this movie

    I did not like the plot of the movie went at all, I wanted more of Ghoulies but it all about the person who had the power.

    I expecting something bad and that what I got!

    2 out of 10

  • Registered Users Posts: 1,257 ✭✭✭ Tindie

    The Night of the Demon (1980)

    I did not get to see all the movie as I kept on , getting distracted by my family members coming and going and asking for me to something.

    I loved the start of the movie, feel liked the first kill in the movie and how they way victim blood fliled the big foot print was really clever,

    There were some very funny deaths scenes in this that maybe me laugh out loud, some of the scenes do look a little out dated now.

    The acting was not great but more then watch -able , so in last 40 mins of the movie, I had pause a least 6 times, (I just could get into the movie afterwards)

    (Not Rated)

    The Haunting in Connecticut (2009)

    I decided to Re-watch this movie, (before seeing the sequel) back then I wasn't to keen as I saw the The Haunting in Connecticut (2002) Doc two days before seeing the movie.

    In that guy in basement scene, Freaked me out, I had to sleep the light of seeing that Documenty.

    Now that seen this movie again, my feeling for this have not change at all, I did not find anything that really stood out in the movie at all.

    The felt the same as any other Haunted house movie but this movie never really had the the creepy feel in the movie at all.

    There was only one scenes that I feel though was some-what creepy, when the Boy was hiding (I not sure what think he was hiding in ) The shadow was right be hide the boy.

    The rest of the movie scare scenes felt a little forced at times and Didn't really like how the plot came to end.

    The angry dad was little over the top and no needed at all also I did like some of those flashback scenes were nice fit to the movie.

    The acting was very good from the whole cast, some of effect was decent in the movie.

    5 out of 10

  • Registered Users Posts: 1,257 ✭✭✭ Tindie

    Ghosts of Georgia (2013) I not going to say by it full name as it sound stupid

    I really liked this movie, I found this movie a lot more creepier then first movie,

    There was some really good scare scenes in this movie that last long then one Second, there not there just to make you jump.

    There some really strange effect in this movie, which I am not sure what to think of at the moment.

    Actually liked the fact this movie dose focus on, the same old route, Kid seeing a strange things,

    most of people in the movie see thinks, I liked the fact they do believe way before the end, which I think was nice change.

    I liked how the plot came to end was really good, there were really good tense moment in this movie.

    The ending was fitting end, Nice and sweet ending to this movie.

    The acting from everyone in cast was really good and the some of effect were really good in this movie.

    A lot better then I thought it would be,

    I going to give this sequel 7/8 out of 10

  • Registered Users Posts: 1,257 ✭✭✭ Tindie

    13 Ghost (1960)

    I seen re-make of this movie, a number of times. Which I really love, I did find some of those ghost really scary with those make up effect and there were some decent gore in that movie. , I do like the remake a lot better then this.

    I did not like this movie at all, I found the whole movie very boring and I didn't find anything scary at all or even creepy.

    The ghost scenes do seem a little out dated now and I didn't really like that little twist, if you can call that, it's wasn't much of a twist,

    I don't it was really needed for this kinda of movie

    There were one or two scenes that liked but nothing really remember able

    I going to give this movie 4 out of 10

    The Innocents (1961)
    I loved how this movie tries to creepy out even before the movie as started as the start of the movie, you get the Really Creepy Kids voice.

    That is one hell of the way to the start a movie like this, I creepy factor dose not stop there at all.

    As the movie keeps going you may thing that Kids how doing something as do act a little stange in some scenes.

    I love this very dark settling movie, there are some very creepy scenes in this movie, the laughing near end of the movie was very creepy.

    I loved the ending of this movie, I clad that is one reason this might never see a remake, I can't see that do that ending now-er days

    The acting was outstanding from the whole cast 10 out of 10

    The Haunting (1963)

    I have seen once before, When I wasn't to keen on Black and White movies in my teens years, no that I am Older, Wider , I have got used to this Black and white movies.

    It's not was one of the scariest movies I have seen but that dose not I didn't like It.

    I really enjoyed this movie and some really good moment in this movie and sounds effect were really good for the time.

    I really liked scenes of breathing door it was very strange in a good way the

    acting the movie was really good as well.

    I really enjoyed how the plot came to end, I kinda of knew that going to happen.

    7/8 out of 10

    Carnival Of Souls (1962)

    What to make of this movie, it's started of with some drag race, which drives girls of the road in the lake.

    Then soon one of them have survived and soon strange think start happing and see start to she thing.

    Wow, This movie very bizarre. there some very good creepy moment, one or two scene did creepy out a little.

    The plot can be very confusing at times, that may annoy some people I think,

    I kinda of knew what the twist was as the movie went one.

    I felt there were some plot holes left unanswered in this movie, which did annoy me a little.

    I don't if I miss something, Maybe I think too much about the twist in the movie

    Outstanding acting from the whole cast

    I going give this movie 7 out of 10
    8 out 10

  • Registered Users Posts: 1,257 ✭✭✭ Tindie

    Death of a Ghost Hunter (2007)

    Here was another Found footage movies. I have seen half of the movie before as it cameo on little late few years ago, I could not get into at time.

    Now that I was in Mood to watch Found footage movie, i thought this was really good.

    I found that the movie flowed really well and I didn't get bored at all, thinking the movie was bit too long at times there were some good decent creepy moment in this movie that I really liked.

    Also really liked effects in this movie was very good and knew that twist that coming, I loved the back story of the movie was really good.

    The only thing that really lets the movie down is Abysmal acting from the whole cast, if you can get past that , it might enjoy the rest of the movie.


  • Registered Users Posts: 1,257 ✭✭✭ Tindie

    MAMA (2008) short

    Just under 2 minutes and it was really well made, really creepy times, the Mama did look creepy, Good effect for really fast short ending was good,

    Mama (2013)

    Know this was going to be PG 13, i was afraid this would be this year The Women in Black PG 13 bore-fest, However this as put my faith back into PG 13 Movies.

    As I found this more enjoyable then The Women in black and sinister put together and this movie but PA series to shame,

    I thought this had some reallly good Jumpy scare in this movie I did Jump really early in the movie, this dose have some really good intense though tout the movie.

    The movie flowed really well and it never once got boring at all and no scenes drag longer then should,

    This movie did have some flaws here and there but they don't to much impact on the movie, I also did like effect of the of MAMA as you get a little to often, she dose not seem as scary as the movie goes.

    I did find the MAMA bit more creepy in the short, she kinda of Ju-on-the Grudge Ghost and I wasn't really to keen on Soppy ending was not need at all, that part really left the movie down, While i felt really sad and I some people will find that very tearing.

    For A PG 13 movie I thought was really good AS i did not expect to Jump at all in this movie and seen plenty of horror movies, (If was higher rated, i would have gave it lower score)
    7 out of 10

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    I saw Paranormal Entity 4: The Awakening , I thought it was little bit better then Paranormal Entity 2.

    Also seen half of village of the damned 1960 (it was on youtube) Could not get into at all.

    Feast (2005) Decent movie, nice creatures and some very cool gory moments in this movie, I didn't think it that funny at all.

    Saw half of A Stranger Calls Rated, Another I just could get into

    Maniac (1980)
    I had to see this before remakes come out next Week in The UK (Not seen the remake Advertised at all in UK!) :<

    I Really enjoyed this movie, As some cool tense moment in this movie, there was some really good nasty gory moments, which I really liked

    His one hell of A Maniac!, Bloody movie, I Don't thing is aged that well, there some dated stuff in the movie but really minor, Which really dosn't really affect the movie.

    The acting was really good from the whole cast

    I give this movie 6 out of 10 good movie. (I wrote more then I thought I would then lol)

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    Asylum (1972)

    There were some good story in this anthology movie

    The first was, Well i was little confused but I really liked how the story went, there were some odd moment in that segment.

    The second Story, I found it very dull and boring, I did like the end of the story came to the end was not a good as the first story.

    The Third story was not bad , I did enjoy that story but I found the whole thing very predicable

    The end of the movie was very decent, Well that crazy doc sure dose have one crazy laughing voice


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    Trilogy of Terror (1975)

    3 tales of horror and not one of them that were that good.

    The first story was called


    A student who fancy his teacher in this story (Why people in the early 30 acting like teens in this movie?) the cast just seem wrong

    This short little bland, I didn't like it, it was boring and I didn't get point of the whole thing,

    the story was too predicable and I knew how the story would ended way before it did,

    The acting was decent but that about it!

    Millicent and Therese"

    (I found this really funny, so two different movies and yet both second ones were ended the same way)

    I could not get into this segment at all, I found lead too annyoing and was acting way of the top in some scenes .

    I swear, I already forget what happend in this segment, the whole think i liked was ending of that short (I saw this done before by another movie on same day, which also saw for first time)

    This was best of the worst segments, I didn't really all that great

    Amelia come home find Some kind of dolls that razor sharp teeth and with some kind weapon the doll holding.

    she find there is a actual spirit in, the gold chain that keep in locked in the doll but soon it's fall off the doll and as Amelia leaves the room.

    There she get attacked by the doll, there some good moment in this segment but some stuff felt little muddle.

    The attack scenes were handle really well, I liked how moved in some scenes but some scene were bit bland.

    I liked the very last scene of the movie, That best scene in the whole movie.

    I going give this movie 4 out of 10

    Off to see number 2

  • Registered Users Posts: 1,257 ✭✭✭ Tindie

    Trilogy of Terror II (TV 1996)

    I liked this a little better then first one

    The Graveyard Rats

    Not bad at all, Good start

    old nasty man who blackmail is younger wife, who sleeping her Cousin, after recoding them sleeping together

    She want to leave him, he giving everything to her in her will (Who know how the story goes after)

    I felt some of the segment drag a little to long, i found some parts very slow and I wondering if if story as anything do with Rats,

    One point I thought it was a Title of the story but as movie went on, it made more sense, I am clad i stuck in their

    I did enjoyed the ending of the story, Giant kill rats were a bit silly but they were kind of Cheesy in good way , which was a little funny.

    The last scene on that segment was decent, I really liked curve ending.

    This was great story (I heard it's a remake? of what?) I found this segment best of the bunch

    The mum who lost her son, who drowned, while her husband away, she tries to bring back with Vodoo book.

    Soon he come knocking back on the door, and acts like evil

    This story did have some really good creepy moment and tense feeling at times, it dose seem a lot scary with human face on!

    The ending was just very funny, the Demon face was so bad . it was so funny, I found him more scary with Human face on lol

    It's a shame goofy ending ruined it!

    He Who Kills

    it's about killer doll again, it come back to life and starts to attack people, the same thing happens just like first one.

    Maybe this was little be more bloody then first one and doll dose look a bit odd in this one. I don't find it scary at all,

    I found this movie a little better then first movie

    5 out of 10

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    B]Dead of Night (1977)[/B]

    Another horror anthology movie, Not to be confused with the 1945 version with the same title (which is also an anthology),

    First story, I was watching on my Phone, While I was on the Bus, as the movie is on you tube.

    Second Chance" I not sure think of this story, it did make me think for few hours after wards ,I liked how the story flowed.

    This man buys classic car and fix up and then takes for Drive only find out that he as somehow went back in time.

    While back time, The Car he was driving is taken by someone, who he tries stop, soon walks back and then wake up , Knowing he back in really time.

    He falls love with Girl he never noticed before (That was first hint) Which I didn't get at the time but as the story went, it made more sense.

    I thought this was very decent story, it wasn't scary at all but It' did make we think and the acting was really good.

    Next story No Such Thing as a Vampire"

    (I hope I don't sound like broken record, As you know i am not big fan vamps movie)

    Patrick Macnee as a doctor whose wife is suffering from the symptoms of vampire attacks.

    I found this story decent, there were some cool decent and creepy moment in this short that made really well.

    The music in this segment was okay as it added bit more creepy feel to the story and I really enjoyed how the story came to a end

    Bobby - (This is where Trilogy of terror 2 got this from)
    This is was lot more slowly paced then ^ Movie named there and it did have bit more creepy feel to it.

    I liked how they try not show the face of kids though out the segment, it makes it feel a lot more darker,

    I loved end of this short, now that is what you call decent Demon face, as that looks at more scary, then end of Trilogy of terror 2 Bobby segment.

    7 out of 10

    Really good anthology

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    Over the weekend

    Leprechaun (1993) I saw this on Paddy Dad

    This movie started of quicker then I thought it would be and in the the first scenes, we already the Green little Monster.

    There was very funny moment in this movie that made laugh, there some very silly moments in this movie, that don't think were that funny at times, they tried to be a little too funny.

    I would have thought this movie , would have been a lot more gory then it was, there were some bloody moment, I never seen anyone get killed by Pogo-stick before.

    I also liked the way, how they got rid of Leprechaun, that were some good old melting effects.

    7 out of 10

    Leprechaun 2 (1994)

    Is back again!

    This movie was no were near as decent as first one, which was just about decent with fun factor put in there.

    This movie did not have any of fun factor that first movie had, The lead girl in this movie, which wide eyes and Scream, . Which was way over the top.

    After that, I knew I was in tough ride. As ^ That was first scenes, as the movie went on, I got bored of it.

    I left the movie on and started doing another things as well, I Don't think there was one scenes that I actually liked in this movie.

    The acting was really bad in this movie as were the effects and the dull plot!

    1 out of 10 (This is were series stopped for me. Even had 3 Beers before this movie, was drinking my 4th beer while it was on, that didn't even help!)

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    Terror Tract (2000)

    I don't many people of heard of this movie, It's on Youtube, if any watch give it a go!

    Another anthology which is stable as more of dark comedy Horror movie

    A a real-estate agent (Played by Late John" Ritter trying to sell a variety of houses to a young couple;

    They 3 different house and they all seem have very Dark Pass!
    (The first House)

    A man catches is wife sleeping another, soon thing happen, when tries to revenge on her boyfriend, soon what thing lead to another, some one killed, that body was sleeping with the fishes.

    This segment started of really well but as the it's went down hill really quick .

    There some decent scenes that could have been really creepy but so many of those ending being fake scare.

    When any another scary scenes happen you already know that already try to creep out with also the same scenes twice , one tiny thing changes in those scene,

    Its got boring, I didn't really care the near the end of this story, Decent story but ruined by to many fake scare too close to each other!


    After hearing that Story, the young couple didn't what to buy this house, so go to other house, which they love Until

    Man tells them story about this house


    Normal nice family father and daughter getting along really well, until she finds the monkey in the tree.

    She ask her dad to keep it but some the Monkey hates everyone but the girl, The Dad not happy at all, Daughter is acting like a right brat, who should be slap too next year!
    Never mind go to her room

    The monkey soon start attacking but it's shame with only see aftermath of monkey, we don't see he attack in first few animals and people its kills.

    At end, we do see attack one person in the movie, which far to late the story, I thought attack was decent.

    This never really had ending, never see what happens in end of story, we only gun shot but dad was not holding the gun.

    The acting was really good in this story from whole cast!


    Again Young couple pass on this house

    And they go too next house

    Come To Granny"

    Teenager who seem have psychic abilities and he goes to see a therapist, he tells her he as crazy visions in which he sees the Granny killer killing his victims. (Granny mask was very cool and funny in way).

    When he gets these Visions is starts having a fit (Which was poorly acted in flash back)
    then he warns her that she next Victim of the Granny killer.

    This one was Decent story but very predicable and some of worst acted segment in this movie and I didn't like the Idea of Granny kill Mask.

    4 out of 10

    The couple refusing to buy any of the houses, The estate agent goes mad and snaps!
    soon things turns nasty.

    The last scenes was bloody funny, the whole neighbour hood was crazy, every house some thing bad was going on.

    Mrs Doyle after an effort gets the front door open and runs out to see a neighbour about to use a lawn mower on a cat buried up to its neck. As she gets in the car to drive off, the estate agent tries to get her, and Bobo the murderous monkey appears on her windscreen. As she drives off screaming, she see people being shot at, a human leg hanging out of a wheelie bin, an explosion, a car trying to run over a man and so on as she tries to get as far away as possible from this evil area.
    All that happens in less then 30 seconds!

    I give this movie 7 out of 10

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    The Vault of Horror (1973) Also know Further Tales from the Crypt and Tales from the Crypt II

    Five strangers meet and end up getting stuck in room, so then each of them tell them a dream,

    When first one

    Framing Story

    Harold tracks down sister as their father died, so her their father as giving her everything so, he track her down,

    it's not every turn out the way he wanted to do

    This was one was just about decent, there some cool twist at the end of this

    movie, Did dose really a little out dated a bit.

    5 out of 10

    The Neat Job

    The as got to be the most Stumper story I have seen, (My older brother his a bit like him) is very neatly but I don't think even, he said can't you do anything Neatly.

    I found the think way of the top act, the story, the ending was planing stupid.


    This Trick’ll Kill

    A bit better then the last story

    Sebastian and is wife are india and looking for new trick and he finds this girl. who dose a trick,

    he want her trick and as he ask her to hotel room, it's her first mistake and His too.

    I didn't like sound effect in story at all, it's just sounded odd..

    I didn't really get the rest of , for me it made sense at all, I found its very silly and ending I didn't really get it! (This another one that felt a little outdated as well)


    Bargain in Death

    This wasn't to be bad, Scan between to Friends, back stabbing and then karma strikes

    there one decent scarce Scene in this movie and I did I liked how story came to a end.

    Drawn and Quartered

    They saved the best story for last, I loved this, this was great story about Painter. who gets some voodoo pen /pins and start Draw with the them.

    He pain someone, when he wants his revenge , he dose nasty stuff the pictures , which happens to them in really life, for time this movie came decent.

    Some things did bother me in this movie, that would spoiler the movie over all I did enjoy the last story


    Overall, This was very disappointing, then some really silly segments in this movie, the last story saved the movie a bit!

    7 out of 10 ,

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    Body Bags (1993)

    This corpse tells 3 stories about this other bodies in the morgue

    "The Gas Station"

    Anna who arrives for her first job at working the night shift at an all-night filling station And Bill her Boss tell her to care full of people as t a serial killer has broken out of mental hospital.

    So keeps the booth Closed most of time, The short is was on edge, serving peope!

    This short was good, there was some little tense moment in this movie were well done and I really liked the twist was really good and I really liked how the segment ended



    Richard Who's getting bald and then when he advert on TV about miracle' hair transplant operation, and goes thought with it and really happy with results.

    Soon he keeps growing in places that never meant to have year,

    I not sure what to think of this one, I found this bit of weak story and Some of effects in this short.

    5/10 Decent


    I would say this was the best of bunch, They saved best for last!

    Brent ends up losing one of his Eyes after Car Crash (Which Could have been done better) But there one nasty gory scenes in that Crash, Which I thought was decent.

    When doctor tells his could get new Eye after the doctor tells and again after he also happy wit results. Until take Dark turn in the story!

    I really liked this story, very well paced and some really good acting from the cast, some very wearied scenes in a good way!

    I liked how the story came to end really good!


    Not bad anthology the whole movie I give 7/10

  • Registered Users Posts: 1,257 ✭✭✭ Tindie

    Exorcist II: The Heretic (1977)

    I have seen once before but I Could not remember much of it in my first watch

    It's no were near as good as first movie, We all that coming, There should not even been sequel to this movie, never mind 3, (4 and 5 both of these are the same movies)

    I did like the sound of plot of movie, I thought it started of decent but really on in the movie is went off into r, science fiction, and fantasy.

    Which just felt really wrong and Another thing I didn't like how it's was going back and forward to the real and Dream world.

    It go annoying and it's happens way to many times this, some times those scene were just odd in Bad way

    there were some scenes I thought decent in this movie but I don't think was one scary or shocking moment in this movie, will shock anyone!

    Some of the effects were not bad but Could have been done and the acting was really good from the whole cast!

    4/10 -Worth watching a least once! (Off to number 3 for first time)

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    Unaware (2010)

    Another one those found footage movies , I have been looking forward to this movie since the trailer came.

    The trailer seem great however this as got to be one the BIGGEST Disappointment's Ever!

    This as got to be the most boring-est and dullest movie I have ever sat thought, there nothing really happens until hour into the movie.

    Little things were like over in an flash and then panic and then it's calm down for again until last five minutes of the movie, where the movie start going and of course ends!

    The scenes was okay but nothing great at all as there were no suspense in this movie at all, not sure what to thing of the Alien.

    I felt I seen this done before and better in Alien Abduction: The McPherson Tape (Which not great but still miles better this movie)

    And what hell was the point of that end of Credit scene, Blue sky!

    The acting was wooden at times by lead Male, the Girl scream was good!

    One of the worst and dullest of them Found footage movies

    3/10 Very, Very, VERY! Poor! (I can't believe , That I was actually dying to see this movie, I am :mad: at my self )

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    The Exorcist III (1990)

    This I have really mixed feeling about, It is much better the Second movie in the series but still not as Great as the first one.

    But this did have a very creepy atmosphere at the start of the movie and the snap of Jesus eye opens was little creepy.

    As movie went, It did kinds of lose that creepy feeling as it turn into bit more of true psychological thriller then . creepy or scary horror movie.

    I did some scenes very boring to watch, I felt they drag some scenes a little to longs in this movie.

    There were some strange scenes near end of the movie, Which I thought were little odd, I did find it a little funny.

    There one scenes that really took me by surprised is near the end as I didn't expected this movie gory at all, then one really nasty gory scenes near the end.

    The acting from everyone in this movie was really good.