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Chartered Engineer 2016



  • poteen wrote: »
    Do you sign up or do you have to be asked ?

    A mass email went recently. I did the webinar about it. Got an email asking for volunteeers for an upcoming session but as I haven’t had any training etc I declined. Was hoping to get a bit more info before doing the first one.

  • I was awarded CEng by Engineers Ireland recently. I found this thread quite helpful as I was doing my application. I too had heard that if you make it to the interview stage, you are sorted, but having read through this thread, I saw that this is not necessarily the case! So that definitely made me work that little bit harder to give myself the best shot of achieving CEng first go. The thoughts of having to do that all again!!

    There's loads of good advice in the thread - here's my tuppence worth for anyone interested:

    1. Start on your application early and give yourself loads of time to refine it. I started at the previous deadline (January), for submission by the following one (July). This gives an hour or so a week for you to work on your application, which you will need if you want to do it properly and not have a last minute rush.

    2. All the information you need is in the regulations and the guidance notes so I would strongly advise you read them carefully and align your application with them, in order to work most efficiently and clearly show how you meet each of the five competencies.

    3. CPD is important for any engineer, but especially CEng. Have yours fully up to date on the website and be familiar with what you wrote. They asked me about mine, which I wasn't expecting. Everything in it was true and accurate and I luckily knew the answers off the top of my head as I had recently compiled it for 2020 so I wasnt caught out by it.

    4. I know everyone says this but it's true: Be very very familiar with your written application. It's their template for the interview.

    The interview is grand. Mine was like a polite, formal conversation. My suggestions for this:

    1. In advance, go through your written application and "ask yourself" to elaborate on every claim you have made about how you meet a competence. Can you comfortably do this from memory? Practice talking about them aloud.
    2. I did mine on zoom and I had the guidance notes open in a folder beside me. I had hand-written some examples on the guidance notes to prompt me if I was asked about a particular competence. That worked really well, for me.
    3. Your interviewers are volunteers, be sure and thank them for their time at the end.

  • Bit of a johnny come lately to this thread, but I have just submitted my CEng Application to IMechE (I am based in UK)
    I went via the Continuous Learning Assessment route, to detail my learnings as my Mechanical Engineering Degree is a Level 7. Its quite a long process, but I do feel its been quite a beneficial one so far. I should have an interview in Aug/September and fingers crossed that will be a success.