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Writing in real-time


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    Very few cartoons are broadcast live. It's a terrible strain on the animators' wrists

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    If you go to deviant art you can watch people drawing in real time with the deviantart muro app.

    Click on 'watch redraw'

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    Actually, Real Time writing or RT, as it was referred to by those forward thinking Anti-Luddite groupies in the late 1800s, has been a spectator sport since that rabble-rouser, Thomas Hardy, began to write The Return Of the Native in 1875, or thereabouts, although, the then well-known word association for the acronym: "RT," has fallen out of favour, due to Russia Today having the "RT" acronym and the ear of crowds all over the world "all sowed up," as they say, there are still a few old recordings that remain, such as this 1877 re-enactment of Thomas Hardy's blockbuster RT massively sold-out tour, the HardyHarHar Tour, if I remember correctly, - this live recording from Dorchester; one of the first known examples of the newly emerging commercial use for the phonograph, painstakingly produced and directed by Thomas Hardy himself, then streamed into the new 8-track format, then cassette, then Betamax, then VHS, then streamed into MP3 format, and finally, for your aural pleasure, uploaded to YouTube. Enjoy.

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    That was fantastically informative Agent Weebley :-)

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    I like your style, Gryphonboy.

    Watch me write in real time today for as long as I can. but first . . . some sleep.

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    Good morning, amanfromMars!

    Another great read . . . The Lifehouse Project is now firmly linked and embedded . . . thanks.

    It reminds me of a book my sister, Ray-Ray, lent me back when we were kids. All I remember of the book was how TV mesmerised the audience into doing whatever the controller wanted . . . it was fiction, I assumed.

    It had pretty pictures . . . a zomby woof procession where everyone followed the TV set that was held high above the zombies . . . where the slime oozed out.

    I wish I could embed some Zappa right now, but alas, I am not allowed. Dang . . . I can link! [backtracking]

    Does what I just read of yours change the past, present or future of The Mound Of Hostages? Most definitely . . . you always do it for me/us/we. I had better get back there Bye.