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Commuter cosidering Dunboyne - whats it like to live in?



  • Many thanks. You comment is very helpful. Makes a lot of sense and very objective.

  • However, just heard from a family who lived in Dunboyne for three months a few years ago. They had very negative experience. Although the secondary school has very good reputation, their child's experience was very painful so that he chose to take one hour's bus to the Dublin City Center for a fee-paying school.

    Wonder if there are any parents whose children are in the primary school and secondary school and your experience? Thanks.

    Not sure I would base my opinion on where to live on someone who "lived in Dunboyne for three months a few years ago" but what its worth I have lived there over 40 years, went to (primary) school in the village and my kids go to the same one now.

    I have never experienced any issue with bullying but I am sure it goes on there just as it does in every other school. I know from speaking to people that the secondary school is very highly regarded and the number of students there who achieved 600+ points in last years leaving cert would put if right up there with the best in the country.

    Dunboyne is a fantastic place to live in, 20k from Dublin city, 10 minutes from the Blanchardstown Centre and NAC, great network of sports clubs, village atmosphere and yet served by bus and train to the city and adjacent to the M3 - I'm starting to sound like an estate agent but apart from a few other commuter towns along the north Dublin coast and the over priced south suburbs I cannot think of a better place to bring up a family.

  • Larchfield, latchfield is in Clonsilla up the road. Its a nice estate, handy for the train.

    Massive community feel to Dunboyne, if you are half prepared to try getting involved in what your / kids interests are, you'll make friends easily. Tonnes of Clubs and Interest groups. Its everything going for it, still retains its village feel because large scale commercial premises serve it in Dublin 15. Still rural, surrounded by countryside. 3 good primary schools and 1 secondary school. Great pubs and places to eat. No dodgy spots, and anti social behaviour is rare.
    Great place to live, the price of housing and rent reflect that though.

  • happygoose wrote: »
    No dodgy spots, and anti social behaviour is rare.


  • Galego wrote: »

    Tbh the only place I would say is dodgy is kilbrena. Wood view and even castle view are now, well established, older estates which I would have no problem walking through at night.

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  • Hi,

    I am looking at house in kilbreena Road.

    I am naturalised Irish citizen of Indian origin. We are couple with 2 school going kids.

    Can you please please advise being in my shoes, if it good place to live?

    Any advice will be greatly appreciated.