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The Master - No more needs to be said


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    I always preferred Denis Leary. :pac:

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    A ride is just????

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    I always preferred Denis Leary. :pac:

    Noone prefers Denis Leary, don't be stupid. :P

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    Noone prefers Denis Leary, don't be stupid. :P

    Who is this Noone you speak of and why do they prefer Dennis Leary?

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    Peter Noone (born Peter Blair Denis Bernard Noone, 5 November 1947, Davyhulme, Lancashire) is an English singer-songwriter, guitarist, pianist and actor, best known as Herman of the successful 1960s rock group Herman's Hermits.


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    dd972 wrote: »

    You could say that it is Bill Hicks?

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    When asked why he gave up smoking Bill Hicks responded "I wanted to see if Denis Leary would do the same thing".

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    The Master wrote: »

    Denis Leary copied a lot of his material so just a joke to see would Leary copy him giving up smoking too.