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Best 3d Blu Ray Options out there at the moment?

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    Hy all ...

    I was just wondering what the best, yet reasonably priced, 3D Bu Ray players are out at present ... I've a rather nice Philips BDP7500 at the moment, but have a Panny 3D TV now and was wondering what might be out there in terms of 3D players...

    I was looking at this kiddie - seeing as it's a Panasonic too .. but would it make much difference if it was an alternate Brand?


  • Hi,

    I hadn't been in the market for quite a while as I was very happy with my Oppo BDP-83 but alas its let me down, not a kick out of it!

    Contacted the Irish distributer in Donegal, was informed that I can send it back to UK for repair, as its nearly 2 years out of warranty I suppose thats the best I can hope for it really But in searching for a solution I came across the New BDP-103 which is a hum dinger, a what? A Hum Dinger!

    So I had to ask how much ....€649, now I know this is a premium price considering you can buy a Phillips blu ray player for €70 in powercity which my friend bought recently but its a piece of [email protected] lets be honest!

    It has to be included in this thread and theres a BDP-105 for those with deeper pockets even better! check it out or (btw no affiliation with cinematech)

    Rgds, O