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M8 Motorway between Cahir and Mitchelstown

  • 12-07-2012 7:54am
    Closed Accounts Posts: 336 ✭✭ icjzfmq7ewon1t

    I hear traffic is down to one lane northbound on the M8 between Cahir and Mitchelstown again this morning following an incident. Is it my imagination or does this stretch of motorway have an unusually high number of accidents/incidents compared to other stretches. I know some repairs to the surface were made recently.


  • ya always seems to have accidents on that stretch always seems to be lanes closed

  • Scenic views could contribute?

  • No excuse for an accident here other than bad driving.

  • I drive it every day.

    There is something spooky about the number of accidents.

    I regularly saw signs of vehicles impacting the sound barriers at the side of the carriageway at a particular spot. (Not exceeding the sound carefully:)).

    Work was done some weeks ago to reduce the incidence of standing water in this section.

    A work colleague also impacted the centre median after hitting standing water at the Cahir south intersection.

  • travel that part of the road a good bit there is a fault in that section of the road the works a few months back were suppose to fix it but i personal thought it made the surface worse
    I have noticed the odd time there is a pull on that road

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