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Bale Handler for a MF 80 Loader

  • 08-07-2012 6:26pm
    Closed Accounts Posts: 138 ✭✭ Hay_man

    Hello there

    was just doing some googling when it threw up this website :)

    I have a MF 165 with a massey 80 loader on it, this is just used to muck out sheds,

    I was thinking of buying a round bale handler for it like this (loader is plumbed for third function)


    Would it a bit to much to ask of a MF 165 to work one of these and stack silage with it ?

    (I'm increase cow numbers and amount of bales made and storage space is tight)


    Hay man


  • Registered Users Posts: 1,183 nashmach

    Any bale handler on a 165 with a bale on front will be tough going.

    Won't do the front wheel bearings much good either.

  • Registered Users Posts: 2,343 ✭✭✭ JohnBoy

    depends on the bales. a mate used do it until recent years, but the bales are getting so heavy now that it's no longer able to stack em. need a bale on the back at all times too.

  • Closed Accounts Posts: 138 ✭✭ Hay_man

    Yes was just thinking the same myself to.

    From looking at tractor data the 165 is rated at 58hp so it would be to big of a ask of it alright,

    I suppose I was best to upgrade to a 590 or a 690 might be the best thing to do,

    Would a 690 2WD be will fit to comfortly lift a bale of say heavy wet silage with a front loader ?

  • Registered Users Posts: 2,343 ✭✭✭ JohnBoy

    The hp has little/nothing to do with it.

    The loader is what counts, for a given PSI of hydraulic pressure a particular loader design will only lift so much, the same loader on a bigger tractor will only lift more if the bigger tractor had a higher hydraulic pressure.

    there isnt a massive variation in hydraulic pressures.

    if properly counterweighted there shouldnt be "too much" load on the front axle.

    A bigger 2wd might have a stronger front axle and you could get a bigger/stronger loader fitted but really a 4wd is better for heavy lifting as it has a much stronger front axle, and the tyres will offer better flotation also.

  • Registered Users Posts: 238 ✭✭ Hyneser03

    Hi I have a Massey Ferguson 165 with 80 loader I’m looking for a dung fork very hard to get have tried everywhere is anybody selling one or do they know where I can get one thanks ?

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