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    Hopefully this is the right section ...

    Currently been moved to this software ...(horrible i might add)

    has anyone any experience importing for Altuim designer to Pads DXDesigner



  • Did you try reading the Evaluation Guide installed with the Software? that has a step-by-step SCH to PCB guide.

    Importing Altium is easy enough using the PADS translators. Did you hit a specific problem?

  • thanks for the reply . but managed to get the design complete.

    That said . will never be using Pads or DX designer again. Very poor integration between layout and schematic. personal opinion but it while some of the stuff in pads router is on the brilliant side of things the rest is very cumbersome and not user friendly at all

  • Between you and I - PADS Logic is better than DxD for integration.

    Drop me a line if you ever need (free) PADS help!