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how would haveing passed 1st year of games development help??

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    okay so iv passed first year of games development in lyit,
    but i proceeded to fail second year,
    basically id rather be closer to home,

    so was wondering how haveing first year passed would help me in regards to applying to computeing courses in dundalk??

    i should also add that the games development course in lyit is lv7, and in dundalk its lv8

    so would there be any chance it would get me into 2nd year of the lv8? doubtful but i always tought lv7 wasnt much differnt from the lv8 in first year?

    anyway any help would be appreciated,

    suggestions as to what courses it could get me into 2nd year in, i rather not have to start from scratch,
    unless it was a lv 8, because ill only get a grant if its lv8 or 2nd year of lv7 as far as i know