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Machine Head Appreciation Thread

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    Seeing as MH are playing tonight in Dublin and I ain't there, said I would start an appreciation thread for the band.

    First heard machine head about 2004/05 in a mates room, huddled around his computer in the dark (no homo :p). We were listening to a bunch of random tracks from Lamb of God, Lacuna Coil, Godsmack and many others.

    All of a sudden I hear these amazing drums... Imperium had started playing :D Was hooked straight away, listened to it day and night.

    Saw them live in London when they opened for Slipknot recently. Was last minute thing so was stuck in the cheap seats up back but was still amazing!

    Thing with the head is, you both love and hate them. Many a classic and then there are songs that you think to yourself "seriously, what the hell?!"

    Will always be a fan though :D:D



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