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Volvo vs Global - Who is really winning?

  • 17-05-2012 12:26am
    Registered Users Posts: 521 ✭✭✭ mbur

    Actually the best of both these events is over. That is a bit good because there are plenty of videos to watch The volvo ocean race is currently parked up in Miami. The Global racers are in Charleston (also on the USA East coast). The weather is improving and the only real ocean racing left is the dash across the Atlantic. The nasty spin throught the southern ocean, with all it's drama, is now a happy memory. (For me anyway)

    I'm posting these links here because I have really enjoyed following both these events. They are very different competitions presented in very different ways. One is a media frenzy with live video feeds. Video dipatches etc etc. The other just has a tracker and Bulletin/photos for significant events. While the latter is a little harder to 'get into' I find it just as appealing.

    What really blows me away is that there seems to be no interest or discussion here in Ireland about either event.

    PS if anyone has any similar links to ongoing sporting soap operas like these please feel free to post them here!