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UAE Signs Deal to Integrate National IDs Into NFC based Mobile Phones

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    The potential threat these phones would have on civil liberties was mentioned in the OP in Conspiracy Theories and After hours three and a half years ago. This was long before invasive directives were past through by the authorities and the development of the possible invasive microchips

    The fact that you may be forced to carry your phone on you at all times means that you could be pinpointed within inches anywhere in public even inside a building on any floor if your phone has the latest technology incorporated into it. Of course every one will want the latest IPhone 5 or Galaxy 3S :rolleyes:

    The United Arab Emirates signed a deal with telecommunications company, Etisalat, to embed citizens' national ID information into mobile phones. They will now be exploring a system that would utilize an NFC or Near Field Communication application, which allows cell phones to communicate data via radio frequency within very close range. The UAE has had a national ID system since 2004, with IDs carrying a chip similar to one on a credit card and holding a person's name, birthday, gender, photograph, fingerprint, and ID number.

    Since carrying an ID card is mandatory in the UAE, this may mean that Emirati citizens may begin to be required to carry their phones on them at all times. Their objectives for working towards implementing this system currently unknown. However, integrating personal data with mobile phones can only bring trouble.

    How long will it be before this will be implemented across the EU / US and even India?