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eGo Variable Voltage Battery

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    Just thought I'd start a thread on this as there doesn't appear to be one already here.

    Received mine today from

    3.2v, 4.7v & 4.2v. Out of box setting is 3.2v and 5 clicks brings it to 3.7v and another 5 brings it to 4.2v.

    It has a battery indicator and the voltage is indicated by a little collar close to the button.

    I like it. It's my first experience of variable voltage (as limited as it is). I can feel the difference in each voltage mainly through the heat and also sense small differences in flavour. I wouldnt say the differences are collosal or anything but definitely there. I'm using Liqua Citrus Mix on a DCT with a new pre punched carto.

    Threw my eGo-C on and I can feel a bigger difference. The eGo-C LR works pretty well normally but if you vape any way frequently, you get a rotten taste (wit Liqua anyway). Interestingly, the 3.2v stays lovely all the time but as soon as I used the 4.2v setting, I got one puff and the next puff was that stinking taste. Somebody suggested here before that the Liqua dont tend to work too well at any kind of higher voltage so that coule be it.

    The only thing I dont like is all of the fecking lights on the battery - it's like a Christmas tree when you activate it. Not a bad little investment if somebody just wanted to experience a fraction of the effects of different voltages.