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Routine check + advice

  • 26-01-2012 12:40am
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    Hi all, I recently changed my workout routine and I just want to run it through this forum for any improvements or mistakes that more knowledgable people may see.

    I was for the last 6 or so months working out to roughly the same routine. It involved 3 days of work out a week, 7 excercises on those days, push / pull / legs.

    I've gotten bored of it and wasnt finding it intense enough, so I've stolen a few workouts I've seen on the net and took the bits I liked to make this:

    This routine would be 4 or 6 days a week depending on my work schedule.
    There are 2 different routines that I rotate throughout the week as opposed to 3.
    Each day has 10 exercies which are done 3 x 10

    Day 1 (back shoulders arms)
    Bench Dips
    Military press
    Incline D-bell curls
    Pull ups
    Dbell press
    Standing dbell curls
    Standing bent over 3 arm tricep extension
    Barbell pullover
    Bent over row
    hammer curl.

    Day 2 ( chest legs abs )
    Push up
    Barbell squat
    Bench press
    Barbell lunge
    incline dbell press
    hanging leg raises
    oblique crunches
    Dbell flys

    As well as my evening weight lifting, I run for 40 mins in the morning before breakfast.

    My intentions for this routine are that after each excercise it will be a different primary muscle group used to perform the exercise so very little pause between exercises, which will keep it intense.

    I should add my aim is defined abs as well as getting bigger in the arms shoulders and chest. I know it wont be easy to do both at once but I hope my diet will allow it.

    While I'm making this post I might as well get feedback on my diet :).

    Porridge for breakfast
    1 or 2 eggs + chicken breast + 1 or 2 slice wholemeal bread for lunch
    fruit + yogurt for snack
    Protien shake after workout
    small portion of potato w/ meat and veg for dinner
    fruit for a later snack if i want it.

    Any help that given would really be appreciated. Don't worry about being too critical! I'm thick skinned. . . too thick skinned that i cant see my abs dammit :P