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Prime Toys: Due January (?) Also: Price Hike (?)

  • 26-11-2011 9:24am
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    After first stating November, Hasbro UK punted it to March. As of now, it's January...seemingly the end of Jan.

    First two Voyagers (Prime and Bulkhead) and first four Delxues (Bumblebee, Starscream, Arcee and Cliffjumper) are all of now.

    It's unsure if the FULL U.S. release in March will be met with a full release at the same time here.

    Price Hike:

    Hasbro have also apparently advised retailers there will be a 15% price hike across the board on Transformers.

    Since the average retailer mark up is now as little as 15-22%, i don't know how retailers are going to react, esp when you considering an impending 2% vat hike.

    Example: DOTM Delxues came with a 'sugested' retail price of 16 euro.

    Multiply that by 1.17 (15% hike plus extra 2% vat) and you get 18.72... which is a lot closer to the fairly usual European mainland price of 20 euro per Deluxe.

    This may be a case of Hasbro UK simply playing cash grab, rather than an international price hike by Hasbro INC.

    ...and for those of you who were wondering... nope, no apparent price hike in the U.S.

    Anyone surprised?


  • Registered Users Posts: 816 ✭✭✭ Jayd0g

    15% ?? Seriously?

    Thanks for the update Wernstrom.

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    Jayd0g wrote: »
    15% ?? Seriously?

    Thanks for the update Wernstrom.

    I should have expanded on that more.

    1st post edited.

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    Gee, just when prices were starting to come down...

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    TBH, i think the future of the brand on UK and Irish shelves is looking a litlte shaky at the moment, never mind the price increase.

    Hasbro UK have generally shown themselves incapable of making much of an effort advertising wise. Most of the work when it came to the movie franchise was simply done for them, based on media coverage.

    Prime however, is on Cartoon Network over here. Yes, that same company who's alliance with BANDAI is part of the reason Animated coughed and spluttered.

    Nonetheless, Hasbro UK seem fairly convinced that SOMEHOW the line is going to be a big earner for them.

    Incidentally, Bandai UK are launching Thundercats toys Dec 1st. So you can probably look forward to Prime taking a back seat to the Thundercats cartoon.

    Pity There's no equivalent to the Hub in the U.K. I can't see it being anything but a negative for Hasbro.

  • Registered Users Posts: 30,746 ✭✭✭✭ Galvasean

    I literally cant remember the last time i saw a Transformers toy advert on telly here. Hasbro UK must be depending on the show itself being ad enough.

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    The add for Ultimate Prime got fairly heavy rotation, i think.

    Beyond that.... i can't remember.