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How can I prevent customs seizing my package?

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    Closed Accounts Posts: 436 ✭✭ Croppy Bhoy

    Excuse the innuendo, and if I've posted in the wrong forum (really can't think of an appropriate one).

    Also, this isn't drugs, a small arms consignment or anything illegal like that!

    I've ordered something that is being shipped from Thailand, and today I got an email saying
    Just noticed you are in Ireland
    Right now we are faciing problems with Ireland customs. Anyway we will try to ship it for you. But if customs hold the item I’ll refund for you.

    Does anyone know if there's anything I can instruct the sender to do, to stop this? My gf ordered something from America before and had to pay thirty f***ing euros to the UPS driver at the door for it.


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