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Upgrading DPM pattern/loadout style

  • 16-08-2011 9:19pm
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    Hey folks,
    Heres my dilemma...

    At the moment my DPM loadout consists of the old brit 95 pattern with an OD tac vest, this is all well and gud but lately i've been leaning towards changing my DPM for Multicam pattern stuff... I don't have a pic handy of my current loadout but i'm sure you get the general idea.

    The thing is, theres also this rig that i'd like to get but comes in a variety or colours, black OD or multicam and i dunno which to get it in, if I got it in OD or black it would matchok with my current loadout of brit soldier 95, to be honest i'd prefer to get it in OD than black I think... but if i got it in multicam i'd have to go all out and change my pattern as I don't think it'd match the brit soldier 95.

    Also I'm starting to think multicam is a bit too bright for me if i was to play any indoor games, the old 95 pattern looks darker to me...

    opinions people?

    What to do... 22 votes

    Stick with the Brit 95 pattern and go OD
    0% 0 votes
    Multicam vest! will look fine with brit 95 pattern
    68% 15 votes
    Go all out and change to multicam
    9% 2 votes
    Brit 95 pattern and a black chest rig
    4% 1 vote
    I dunno, its your decision....
    13% 3 votes
    Go for something else (comment with answer)
    4% 1 vote