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PSU Choice

  • 04-08-2011 2:36pm
    Registered Users Posts: 99 ✭✭✭ finlaycm


    I've been getting a lot of blue screens lately while gaming, and I think it might be my PSU.

    I am running Phenom x4
    Asus DDR2 motherboard
    4GB DDR3 RAM
    500 GB 7500RPM HD
    Geforce 250S
    Drisk Drive etc.

    I am running this off a generic 450W PSU.
    I am thinking of upgrading this and getting a SSD

    Now obviously I don't want to spend too much on a PSU but I heard cheap ones' aren't worth the metal they are made of. I was thinking of a 750W as this would allow be to upgrade my motherboard and processor in the future.

    What do you think? Too cheap?
    The PSU I have now doesn't appear to have any cables left over to power my new SSD drive as the GPU needs 2 SATA cables to power it (not that I know anything about the type of cables) Will the cable on this PSU allow me to power a medium range GPU, 2 HDD and a SDD?

    Been trying to read up on all this but I'm a bit lost to be honest.
    Also one other question how do I remove my original PSU from the case seems pretty welded in, if it was part of the case can I still remove it