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Regular Sessions - POST HERE



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    Dublin.....Handels Bar on Fishamble Street (beside Christchurch Cathedral) has a session which just recently started on Saturday nights.

    It's a pretty relaxed welcoming affair....feels more like some sort of plush living room rather than a pub...

    There is also a nice relaxed session in Handels on Sunday afternoon from about 2-5pm.......just recently started as well.

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    mariatchi wrote: »
    "Grand stuff" So the regular weekly sessions we do are as follows:- Monday 3 P.M.-6 P.M. Lansdown Bar ,Bath avenue,D4 .
    Monday 7 P.M.-10 P.M. Kinsealy Inn ,Feltrim Rd,Kinsealy, north Co.Dublin.
    Thursday Lansdown Bar ,Bath Ave., D4. 9=30 P.M, - late.
    Friday 4 P.M. - 7 P.M. The Clock Bar, Thomas st., D8.
    Sunday 2 P.M. -5 P.M. Hanlon's Bar ,Hanlon's corner ,N. C. Rd.,D 7.
    I can't stress enough these sessions are mainly for fun and the love of ballads so if you can knock out a song or a tune we'd love to have you and don't be worried that ye don't sound like Luke, Ronnie or Christy Etc. you don't have to ,just as long as you set out to enjoy yourself that's fine.Hope to see you soon .

    Unfortunately all the above sessions have run their course and for one reason or another ,including in a few cases closures they are all finished .

    On the good news side I've attended a few sessions since I've returned from Spain and really enjoyed them I can really recommend Bakers Thomas street on Sunday afternoon (2-5) made to feel real welcome and also the halfpenny bridge inn Sunday night . "KEEP THE SESSION GOING"

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    Regular weekly trad session in the center of Galway City:

    PLACE: The Western Hotel, Prospect Hill, Galway
    TIME: Every Thursday and Sunday, 9pm
    ADMISSION: Free (but given that its a session - guess you knew that)

    All musicians, singers, dancers welcome to join in (except complete beginners!)
    Great fun, friendly session, family friendly. :)

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    Leitrim Singer's Circle meet in Forde's Pub, Drumkeeran, Co Leitrim every first Sunday of the month at 5.00pm.
    The next one is on 2nd November (none on in October due to Festivals running locally) and LEN GRAHAM is to be the guest singer.
    No admittance fee, Singers, Storytellers, Poets, Liars, Lilters and Listeners all welcome.
    Can be checked for updates on Facebook.

    Jackie Boyce

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    Open Session, every Friday @ 9pm. An Droighnean Pub in Spiddal, Galway.
    More info can be found at SpiddalSessions on Facebook and on Twitter or send me a PM.

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    Hi all, first time poster here. Does anyone happen to have a current list of trad sessions around Dublin? I'm living in Dublin these days for work and am primarily interested in sessions that are:
    - mainly instrumental (nothing against ballads, but the tunes are more my thing)
    - not mic'd up
    - that are welcoming towards newcomers (I'm not a beginner)
    - that are reasonably close to town either by public transport or on foot

    I'm already aware of sessions in Hughes's on Friday and Saturday nights. I have been in to the sessions in the snug a couple of times and they were friendly and fun. I have also sat and listened to the sessions in the main part of the bar, but I haven't figured out whether they are 'open' or more of a gig setup (pretty high standard of music).

    I also know that there are sessions around 7.30pm and 9.30pm on weeknights in the Cobblestone, but I haven't yet sat in on one for a few tunes as I have always arrived later than the start time when the corner of the pub was already pretty much full to capacity so just sat at the bar and listened instead. Would out-of-towners/newcomers be welcome at those sessions normally?

    I'm willing to bet there are plenty of sessions around town that I've never even heard of, so hoping someone can enlighten me!

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    Hey there,

    Recently moved to Dublin and am looking for a session group to join with.
    I have played the tin whistle forever and am now looking to take up a new instrument so would love to meet a good group that I can play with, just for the practise with a new instrument. Also just to meet people and have a bit of craic!

    Dublin city or South Dublin would ideal.


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    Sessions for newcomers:

    Take a look at dublinsessions.ie

    Devitt's in Camden St of a Thursday evening (there are more "advanced" sessions there on Friday and Saturday night. Grace's in Rathmines of a Friday night - more of an older crowd. O'Donoghue's Merrion Row Saturday session starts 5:30, also on Sunday afternoon at 1:00

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    Hi Roguery,

    Do you have any further details of the session in Grace's in Rathmines? e.g. What time is it? Is it a friendly kind of session? If it's an older crowd, would I be right in guessing that it's a reasonable pace, not too fast, and more focused around more 'standard' trad tunes than loads of more modern tunes? I'm love nice, friendly, chilled-out sessions and they seem to be somewhat elusive in Dublin! I actually really enjoy Devitts on a Friday night on the odd occasion that I go there, but the pub often gets crammed and noisy.

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    Grace's on Friday starts about 9:30. Best just to go along and decide whether it suits you.

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    There's a session in Aras Chronain in clondalkin on Thursday evenings for beginners to intermediates. It seems to start about 7.30 (ive never managed to arrive that early) and afterwards, there's a session in the snug bar in the Aras that starts about 9.30/10 which is amazing to listen to and everyone is welcome to join in.

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    Every Monday Night, Tigh Giblin (Main St), 9pm
    Every Friday Night, Slow Session, An Nead (Main St), 8pm
    Every Friday Night, Open Session, An Droighnean Donn (Main St), 8pm
    Every Sunday Afternoon, Open Session, An Droighnean Donn (Main St), 5:30pm to 8pm

    See (spiddal sessions . org) (no spaces) for details

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    hey everyone, i play the fiddle (haven't played properly in a long time though) and im looking for a trad group that i could join and practice/play with? any recommendations. living in ballsbridge dublin

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    Sessions in Galway City.

    Tigh Cholis, Mainguard St - Open sessions at 6 pm and 9.30 pm, every day of the week and earlier sessions on Sunday I think.

    Taaffes Bar, Shop St - Sessions at 5.30 every afternoon and amplified traditional concerts at night time.

    Tigh Foxes Bar, Forster St - Session at 5.30 every afternoon and amplified gigs at night time.

    The Crane Bar, Sea Road - Session every night from 9.30, 10 pm till close, sometimes there will be amplified gigs with singers like Dick Gaughan, Andy Irvine among others. During the summer both floors will be used so sessions downstairs and upstairs, I think both places are open during weekends too.

    The Western Hotel, Thursdays and Sundays at 9pm.

    Neachtains still have occasional sessions where musicians will drop in for a few tunes and some pints.

    An Pucan, Forster Street - I can't remember if this bar still does traditional sessions.

    Will update as time goes on. :)

    If you want to get into it, you got to get out of it. (Hawkwind 1982)

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    New weekly session well established in Galway City (running weekly for over a year):

    PLACE: Imperial Hotel (Eyre Square)
    DAY: Every Thursday
    TIME: 9.30pm

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