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  • The pandemic really exposed some people as gobshites when the tide went out on rational thought and in Rogan's case you can add in a could-not-give-a-sh1t attitude for listens with no thought or care about the possible consequences.

  • Rogan is so wrapped up in this "culture war" that he'll believe some outrageously stupid things.

    That Bret Weinstein podcast is the reason why I stopped listening to Rogan. Utterly insufferable.

    Also no mention of the wonder drug Ivermectin that Weinstein was pushing for the past two years. I wonder did they agree not to mention it as it would destroy Weinstein's credibility in an instant. Does anyone remember the "emergency" podcast the pair did with Pierre Kory pushing that drug? It really was the height of misinformation.

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    “I was informed last night that this tweet is fake,” Rogan, 55, tweeted in his apology on Thursday, before explaining how the episode’s segment was edited and subsequently removed.

    “The show was already out, so we initially decided to post a notice saying we got tricked,” Rogan said. “Then later thought it best to just delete it from the episode. My sincere apologies to everyone, especially the person who got hoaxed.”

    Not the first or last person to be duped by a story or tweet. Offers a full apologies to all involved, retracts said statement and edits podcast to remove offending material. Seems like a reasonable and appropriate response.

    "Well, yeah, you know, that's just, like, your opinion, man"

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  • Amazing also how the continued lack of due diligence in this area has only erred one way....

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    Sure. I like him. But only when hes talking to MMA guys. Hes not a very funny comedian and I've no idea why anyone would take his political or scientific opinions seriously.

    Just think when someone has a big show and they get duped by fake tweets it looks bad. Not for misinfo reasons or anything but its just shoddy.

  • Rogan has even been known to go on a rant about something (growing food here) that he somehow manages to link to Anti-Vaxxers in his own head along the way, but then finds out that it's complete fake news that he somehow imagined seeing somewhere - all within a couple of minutes (see below)

    But normally he will just let the bull fly without a check

    Rogan decided that getting a vaccine was too pro-establishment in his own head even though this was health above anything as "edgy" as that dumb notion

    With an average listener age of a very impressionable 24 in the 11 million listeners and as the saying goes "the stupid person's idea of a smart person" it's no coincidence with such classics as advising younger people not to get vaccinated (eventually half-backtracked) that the poll data conducted by media found a well below average age-adjusted demographic vaccine aversion in his listenership and this was back in the days when vaccines did significantly prevent spread (and do still reduce long covid risk which affects all ages)

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    Science defeats perennial weed smoking comedian in shocker.


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    Not that i want to start a debate about the efficacy of vaccines but there is no evidence that getting jabbed prevents from long covid, any evidence will come with time. We are too early into it to know that

    Biology is not an opinion

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    Well with an average age of 24 for his listeners then statistically speaking they are very very low risk of anything COVID related. So what's the big deal?

    "Well, yeah, you know, that's just, like, your opinion, man"

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    Yeah but nobody gets it 100% right all the time. I think his response was professional and it was a straight up apology and correction. Honestly, for 2/3 hour long form conversations there is a very high bar being set. Even the likes of the NY Times get caught by these things. It happens and everyone moves on.

    "Well, yeah, you know, that's just, like, your opinion, man"

  • Notwithstanding the fact that the vaccine reduces long covid risk which can affect all ages in a serious manner the actual point is that Rogan wilfully courted dangerous anti-vaccine fruitcake conspiracy theorists like Robert Malone (who hadn't worked on mRNA technology in over 20 years which is eons in that area but some muppets were seeking to point to this as relevance) in a cavalier and indeed deliberate manner for increased listens along with other advocates of "alternative treatments", none of which have since proven effective and had an anti-vaccine agenda himself that he sought to promote before being rapped on the knuckles.

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    Is he not allowed have whatever guests he likes on? Nobody is forced to listen to him after all. This bit seems to confuse so many people but he has absolutely no requirement to have a "balanced" debate or guests like the BBC.

    "Well, yeah, you know, that's just, like, your opinion, man"

  • this and the his own favourite defence "I'm only a comedian who talks to people" have been gone over before.

    it's a childlike facile argument where issues like actual impacts on public health are the case.

    giving a one-voice platform format with a large listenership to a character like Malone is just outright irresponsible.

    he doesn't give a fcuk what negative outcomes there could be - he has proven that a number of times.

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    The only thing that's childlike is assuming that people can't listen to a podcast and form their own opinions on what they hear. You're just assuming that everyone that listened to that particular podcast, with a specific guest, just lapped it up and didn't engage in any critical thinking for themselves. That's a far bigger problem than having guests on that you don't agree with or like.

    I also believe that the ability to read minds is bunk so you'll forgive me if I'm skeptical of your assessment as to what he was thinking at the time.

    "Well, yeah, you know, that's just, like, your opinion, man"

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  • Rogan wilfully encouraged and facilitated the spreading of complete misinformation in the case of Malone.

    That's the actual point.

    Even if a small percentage of the millions of Rogan's listeners swallowed it damage was done.

    Again that is the actual point.

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    I watched the Eddie Bravo episode and I now believe the earth is flat. Because that's how media works

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    THis is a pretty infantile way of putting things.

    Sure, people can listen to podcasts and shows and form their own opinions, but when things are presented as fact and then crackpot experts are brought in throwing misinformation all over the place, that's where dangerous "opinions" start to cultivate.

    Eddie Bravo is a BJJ teacher with absolutely no background in any of the sciences who blurts out nonsense he's heard on You Tube. Whenever he's on the show, the subject is never to debate Flat Earth. Even when they had Alex Jones on they didn't discuss it, with Jones calling him an idiot for believing such nonsense.

    This is not the same as Joe propegating a very particular line of reasoning on Covid vaccines and related topics and then bringing onto his show hand-picked "experts" to back up his viewpoint who DO have a background in the things they are talking about who then go on to spread misinformation on the subject.

    Joe even went and admited that he went a little too far down the Covid rabbithole and landed too far over on one side of the fence for a while, promising to balance things out. Which he did. It was an admirable admission and he 's always been good in that way. He can check hiimself and this current one is another good example. He realised his mistake, he apoligised and removed the misinformation and that's commendable.

    But it's a bit disingenuous to dismiss the act of spreading misinformation. If you are presenting something as fact, the least you should do is to make sure what you are claiming as fact is indeed that. You can aftertime all you want and say "Well, he's just a comedian" but you know that's rubbish and just an excuse.

    Also the "who is forcing you to listen to him" is the weakest of weak arguments. More excuses.

  • How about a low-effort meme

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    Meme below is more accurate. Joe seems to upset a lot on the by offering differing opinions. No excuse to say those who listen to his show are not able to make up their own minds.

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    There are no excuses, there are hundreds of thousands of podcasts out there to listen to and if you don't like Rogan, turn it off. Vote with your wallet, if you have a spotify subscription then cancel it and let them know why.

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    Nice canned response but you seem to be mixing up "He is spreading misinformation" with "I don't like it".

    Saying "Listen to something else" is a fine response to "I don't like the show"

    Saying "Listen to something else" is a non-sensical (at best) answer to "Joe Rogan is saying things that are factually inaccurate".

    You seem incapable of understanding this.

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    Episode 1914 with Siddharth Kara on the cobalt trade is brilliant and is good old Joe Rogan podcast

    An other recent episode I’ve enjoyed is 1908 with the lady on bees

    The podcast is best when not getting dragged into American culture war politics or talking about the comedy scene again

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    Exactly. Joe has always had a wide range of very varied and interesting guests on his show. It's a great show and has been for a long time. Joe himself tends to be pretty balanced on most issues and is self-aware most of the time. Like this instance where he has messed up and apologised, which is fair enough.

    But the pandemic seems to have had the same effect on him that he had on many other people. It has pushed him into pigeon holes of thought and reasoning and he's become kind of obsessed by the "culture war" nonsense and Covid issues.

    On one hand I understand his issues with this "culture war" stuff. I can't count the number of articles i've come across who not only misrepresent what he is saying but also what he is about. And it's purposely done.

    At least he's big enough to admit mistakes and check his behaviour. He's not purposely spreading misinformation and when he does so by accident (like last week) he can rectify it.

    Those writing the articles are not only the opposite, but they are purposely spreading misinformation IMO. It's wrong.

    But hey, just don't read it eh? 🙄

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    The latest Jordan Peterson is well worth a listen. I would never listen to any of Jordan's own podcast but any time he's been on Rogan he's been excellent.

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    I find everything about him irritating. Hes like a messiah for thickos who think it makes them feel intelligent.

    Dont mean you btw, you just watched the podcast as I will, but hes held in very high regard in the thicko community.