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remove account not possible?

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    Is it legal for a website to not allow you to remove your account after you registered?
    I registered at because I got a voucher for one of their treatments but I ended up getting the money back from the voucher provider because it just wasnt possible to book an appointment through any means with them.

    I sent them an e-mail kindly asking to point me to the right link to remove my account because I can't find it anywhere in the account details etc and their reply was
    "Unfortunately the account can not be deleted but you can un subscribe from the mailing system."

    That can't be legal, right?! I went through their terms and conditions and it's nowhere to be found that there will be no way of deleting the account once you've registered...

    Sorry I may seem a bit like a fusspot with this but it started to really annoy me because I spent so much time trying to book that appointment and then getting my money back that I just really want to delete my data from their system to have it off my mind...

    Any help is very much appreciated!!