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Gear wanted/for sale [All ads go here - please read rules in post #1]



  • Hi all, I have some bodyboarding gear for sale.
    Alder Animal 45" board.
    Tiki leash.
    Tiki bodyboard bag with front gear pocket and rucksack style straps.

    They were bought for me a couple of years ago and have never been used. Package cost €200 at the time.
    Any REASONABLE offers?
    (No chancers offering fifty quid or the likes)

  • Looking for a hard SUP
    something a bit shorter,
    any offers greatly appreciated

  • Looking for 2 kids boards, softboards are preference.

    Suitable for age group 7-9 years

    If anyone knows any schools shifting old gear or someone that has some gathering dust in the garage...


  • Has all the pads for attaching to a board (All new, never peeled of used)

    The Go Pro hasnt seen water or any actoin, was €360 new just a couple months ago, looking for €290.

    PM for any more info, thanks!

  • Shifting some gear:
    €420 Firewire Flexfire 6'4" Barely used, immaculate condition, over €600 new. See;
    €350 6'5" Stretch F4 Surftech. No major damage as its tuflite, surfs great- good board for mushy waves and a larger surfer or first shortboard.
    €220 6'2" Henty twinfin fish hybrid in good condition. Loose and quick, a few dings but nothing major.

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  • hey guys

    don't seem to have much time to go surf so i'm selling my gear

    - 2x Rip Curl E-Bomb Pro Chest 4/3 (black/white/green) with Medium/Small measurements: height 160-175cm - one suit slightly used / other suit is new

    - 1x 40'' Refresh Custom Shaped (green/green): Prone - 60/40 - Crescent Clipped Tail - 2 stringers - Creatures' Leash - Creatures Sock

    - 1x 39'' Refresh Custom Shaped (green/black): Prone - 60/40 - Crescent Tail - 2 Stringers - Creatures Sock - (no leash)

    - 1x Makapu Churchill Fins (38/41 Europe)

    - Billabong Socks (M) + Billabong Gloves (M)

    - 1x Rip Curl Dry Bag

    - 1x Gul Dry Bag 25L

    - 1x Car Boot Impermeable Mattress

    - gear very well taken care - inspection is welcomed

    - genuine reasons for selling - not enough time to enjoy all hobbies due to professional life

    - you can see some pictures and asking price here

  • Kelly Slater designed the FCS K-2.1 fins to be more manoeuvrable and faster off the top.

    The K-2.1 Performance Core THRUSTER set up have an upright template with a smaller trailing fin. These fins are ideal for vertical surfing, tight turns and high performance in the pocket

    As a QUAD these produces incredible start-up acceleration and speed while maintaining manoeuvrability in tight sections. IDEAL for tube riding.

    FCS K-2.1 Side Fin Size:
    Side Base: 4.33 in. 110 mm
    Side Depth: 4.53 in. 115 mm
    Surface Area: 15.23 in.² 9824 mm²
    Sweep: 32°

    FCS K-2.1 Center Fin Size:
    Center Base: 4.28 in. 19 mm
    Center Depth: 4.41 in. 112 mm
    Surface Area: 14.22 in.² 9172 mm²
    Sweep: 32°

    FCS K-2.1 Quad Rear Fin Size:
    Center Base: 4.07 in. 104 mm
    Center Depth: 4.26 in. 108 mm
    Surface Area: 12.64 in.² 8158 mm²
    Sweep: 32.4°

    PRICE: 60 EUR

    Call me quickly because they will be gone very soon!


    <use PM function for contact details>

  • Can anybody tell me if this board is epoxy or fiberglass and give me your estimation of how much its really worth :) Thanks for all help in advance :D

  • Looking for a fin that will make you go fast this summer?

    The FCS MR-TFX takes MR's twin template and adds advanced foil with a dynamic stabilizer fin for maximum performance in twin, super twin or fish options. The FCS MR-TFX are SICK fins for your fish, keeping it fun even in small surf!

    Side Fins Size:
    Side Base: 5.06 in. 128 mm
    Side Depth: 5.56 in. 142 mm
    Surface Area: 21.05 in.² 13580 mm²
    Sweep: 33°

    Stabilizer Fin Size:
    Base: 3.55 in. 90 mm
    Depth: 3.66 in. 93 mm
    Surface Area: 9.61 in.² 6200 mm²
    Sweep: 31°

    Just like my Kelly fins, contact me quickly as these will go fast!

    Price: 50 EUR


  • Leash and Fins(2 +1) included
    200 euro.

    Limerick area.

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  • hey all,

    Im selling my van at the moment and it would be ideal for a surfer/kayaker etc, have a look here if you're interested:


  • Yes Bill Johnson, legendary shaper for the Hobgood brother..shaper of the legendary quad boards, has shaped me this beauty..

    The Mach 3 is a fast, floaty groveler and a great summer board. It has a lower entry rocker and an accelerated tail rocker for quick projection and tight radius snaps.

    Packing heaps of performance into a short, stout, ramp seeking machine this board is a great summer board. With surf and skate tricks blending ever closer together.This thing goes insane when the waves are lacking gusto, but don't be fooled, you'll be surprised at what this little guy can do in the good stuff!

    Size 5'8 x 19 x 2.3

    Recommend for riders up to 75kg.

    This one is for quick decision makers, cause i will leave the country on Wednesday!

    Price with K.2.1 glass flex fins: 400 EUR.

    Contact me <use PM>

  • hi all,

    Looking for a nice second hand longbaord (me and half the country)! Ideally fiber glass, over 9 ft, in ok condition! I am a 5ft 4 girl, so something I could fit my arm around would be a bonus!

    Open to suggestions. Mayo area.

    Thanks :pac:

  • I have a surfboard for sale.
    It's a 7.4 epoxy minimal. in excellent condition.
    Has board bag and leash included.


  • Galway City. As new NSP 6 8" for sale... in perfect nick. Here's the link to the advert...

  • Hawaiian Soul 7ft8" Surfboard for sale, Cork City.
    Very Good Condition rarely used. Leash attached. 230euro.
    Bag included in price.board.jpg
    Tim - <PM for details>

  • j.kashiwai short board..
    really dont wanna sell it but trying to fund a surf trip :(

  • Looking for a Firewire- dominator or spitfire anything from 5´8 to 6´0 will be considered.

  • Looking for a 7'8" board or larger in Cork or West Cork - please PM me. Can collect.


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  • Sold!

  • 6' 6" Barnone for sale (Via Adverts)

    E140 but will consider reasonable offers

  • Time for this board to move on, it has been surfed so little, it makes no sense for me to keep it any longer. Last time it was in the water was years ago, excellent condition.

    Nice fast board, shaped by Simon Anderson. It is a 6'8", not too much volume, with swallow tail and comes with new bag, leash and fins (and tail pad as per photos), one very minor repair but otherwise in very good condition.

    I reckon that at €300 all in, it is a good deal. Available in Clare / Limerick


    PM me for further details as required

  • Board and Wetsuits for sale

    Board is 7ft 3 Bic with leash & boardbag €200 ono

    Wetsuit 1: Ladies size 12 full length black & Purple (worn 5 times) €60

    Wetsuit 2: Childs (Age 11-12) short suit black & Pink (brand new never worn)€40

  • As the title says I'm looking for something over 8 foot? 8'4 or 9'4 or similar?

    Anyone looking to get rid of anything like that? Budget is tight, but let me know what you got.

  • Perfect condition wetsuit.
    Only used in freshwater while jet-skiing.

    No rip, tears or scuffing.

    Selling as it's too small for me now.

    Would consider a swap/trade for larger suit.


  • Looking for a 7'2 - 7'6 Board.

    I live in Dublin but will probably travel to see if the price is good

  • As new 299 Euro ono

    Comes with accessories from the outdoor and surf edition. Ideal for strapping to a bike or helmet.

    What's Included:

    1 11MP HD HERO2 Camera
    1 Waterproof Housing (197' / 60m)**
    1 HD Skeleton Backdoor
    1 Rechargeable Li-ion Battery
    1 Bike Mount
    1 USB Cable
    1 Surfboard Mounts
    1 FCS™ Compatible Camera Mount
    1 Floaty Backdoor
    1 11MP HD HERO2 Camera
    1 Vented Helmet Strap
    1 Head Strap
    2 Curved Surface Adhesive Mounts
    2 Flat Surface Adhesive Mounts
    1 Three-Way Pivot Arm

    Call <Snip>

    Mod: Please use PM to exchange phone numbers etc.

  • Only used once for short trip. In perfect condition, straps & wheels all excellent. €200.

    Creatures of Leisure Multi Wheely bag.jpg

    Full details:

    • Holds 2 Surfboards with Fins / 4 without

    • 10mm closed cell padding

    • 600 denier polyester fabric

    • Built in pockets with fin compartments

    • Durable wheels

    • Heat reflective silver poly fabric

    • Comes with separate day cover & strap pak

    • Stash strap

    • Padded carry handle

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  • One for the ladies (unless the guys like flowers...)

    7x20x14.5x11.5, shaped by Ian Johnson of Cequential.

    Great progression board. In excellent condition (hasn't been surfed that much).


    Surfboard for Sale1.jpg