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Haven't touched a drop in...



  • Addiction is giving up everything for one thing.

    Recovery is giving up one thing for everything.

  • Binge drinker here.

    Nearly 4 weeks sober.

    I had to give it up, im diabetic,trying to lose weight.

    And the last night i had a drink i made a holy show of myself.Hated feeling tired for days after and i was letting my exercise slip because of it.

    I have had a few close calls over the last week,but i worked through it.Even though i ate a load of crap still better than the alcohol..

  • 5 years and two weeks.

    havent missed it at all. Joined a gym, and go there three or four times a week... I couldn’t have contemplated that when I was drinking regularly...Health is what it’s about.

    im about 5’11” but weighed 93kgs at my heaviest, 82kgs now... a healthy and safe weight for my height much of the weight too is muscle over gut which used be the reverse..

    ive so much more energy, I was drinking pretty much exclusively at night to deal with pretty bad insomnia, influenced by a pretty unhealthy work situation and was victim of a pretty malevolent work environment / toxic relationship with a supervisor... piled with work while certain older creatures got away with making a career of being actively retired, spending half the day yapping/smoking yet still coming in and being on the payroll.

    Learned a lesson, health, wellbeing first... feel great now.

  • When I go to bed tonight it will be day 8. Early days. I look forward to it being in double digits, and then triple digits.

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