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have a look at mine

  • 09-01-2011 7:14pm
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    Be gentle I'm sensitive


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    Home Page text is far too big
    Sentences are too long and gramatically not great. How about:


    "Southsafe Training & Consultancy, established in 2004, have assisted many companies through out the country organising their health and safety policies and arrangements. We ensure they are compliant with legislation, such as the 'Safety, Health and Welfare at Work Act 2005' and 'The Genreal application Regulations 2007' which are applicable to every place of business in Ireland".

    Southsafe Training & Consultancy offers a wide variety of training courses. These can be held at your premesis or at any of our training centers located through out the Ireland.

    Southsafe Training & Consultancy provide consultants on a one to one basis. Our comprehensive Consultancy Services include advising customers on their legislative requirements, assisting customers with statutory documentation such as Safety Statements, Method Statements, Safety & Health Plans, Safety Files etc.


    I haven't gone through the rest of the site but the other pages have the same problems of large text and poor sentence structure

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    Using Flash is a bad idea, it rarely works for sites like these
    Animation in the header is a bad idea, it distracts
    Don't use frames for lots of reasons
    Don't use tables for layout/use a better site builder
    Don't disable right-clicking, however that has happened, it's annoying
    No contact form

    Logo should lose some of the effects, they overcomplicate
    Could do with references/endorsements from happy clients, case studies

    There are way too many bad practices at play here and it's a real pity because the content you have has potential in the hands of the right person using the right tools to develop your web presence.

    good luck

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    Thanks folks, Its up with a year now and I am thinking of changing it around. Will take it on board.