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Seillejets Reading Log

  • 03-01-2011 8:14pm
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    My 2011 resolution is to read more and write more thus expanding my vocabulary. This reading log is part of that goal.

    Self help is a buzz, I have been on for quite a while. I am reaping the benefits having given up smoking three years ago as well as alcohol about a year and a half ago.

    Through others feedback I hope to have a beneficial, informative, lively reading log. I aspire to give a thorough review of each book I read, that will hopefully generate debate and feedback. I love to hear other peoples experiences so please feel free to refer me to your reading log.


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    I am currently reading Decoded by Jay Z. The foreword reads;

    "Decoded is a book like no other: a collection of meanings and their meanings that together tell the culture, an art form, a moment in history and one of the most provacative and successful artists of our time"

    Some bold claims made and typically of Jay Z, Shaun Carter, as in everything he has done, he backs these claims up. I was loathe to use a bookmark to spoil the look of this book it, it looks that good. Its got a Tarantino stle in print if that is possible.

    I am a Jay Z, a rap and hip hop fan. However you don't need to be, to enjoy this book. You might enjoy it more if you are not a rap fan as it may answer some preconceptions you have about rap and artists like Jay Z.

    I loved poetry in school, being an Irishman we have a wealth of poets to glean from. Jay Z claims his music is poetic and it really is. It feels like an enjoyable homework assignment to read the lyrics of a song and then look at the meaning of the songs.

    There is heavy use of slang, but I would equate this with watching the TV series "the wire". A couple of songs in and you get into the flow of things.

    I found this book uplifting, insightful, rewarding, motivating and captivating. It is not a "keeping up with the Kardashians" style account of Jay Z life but it is not heavy going either. Jay Z is a sharp, savvy, hustler in every format that challenges and I think respects his audience.

    An early runner for my book of the year!!

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    Street Artists : The Complete Huide
    Written by Eleanor Mathieson and Xavier A Tapies
    Photography by Glenn Arango

    This book piqued my interest due to my love of art and the social unrest that I am feeling at the moment, like a lot of fellow countrymen no doubt. I do possess a couple of other books on street art, but this one is much less of a smash and grab on the subject, that they seem to be.

    My impression while reading this book is that the authors were street artists or have great standing in that world as they have fantastic access to the artists themselves and their work, a notoriously secretive world. This book is an appreciation of the art as opposed to a commentary on same or even worse complicit in the exploitation of the art for commercial gains.

    Throughout the alphabetical ordered street artist profile are revealing quotes, explanations of ideas involved and extensive examples of their work. surprisingly there are no territorial limits on the artists profiled from Japan, to Brazil to even Ireland's Conor Harrington.

    There are some nuggets of insider trading in this book. If you got an urge while in Sao Paulo to try your own street art, Sunday would be the day to do it as "its the national day of grafitti in Brazil, because it is more relaxing and the police are watching football on TV".

    The photography in this book is exceptional. Every shot carries an essence of a thoughtful, considered approach. The book motivates one to stop complaining and turn our social unrest into something positive.

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    Ready for Anything by David Allen

    This is a book on how to be more productive. It gives 52 steps that the reader can follow over time to increase productivity in all aspects of their lives. The author complied this from a number of newsletters he sent to followers over time, and the book is therefore impressively well thought out.

    I found the book informative without belittling the reader which a lot of self help books can do, from my experience of reading them. There are some very beneficial ways of looking at things and going is not too heavy either.

    It is a practical useful addition to my library that I will no doubt refer to again and again.