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Some general advice please

  • 10-12-2010 1:35pm
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    Hello fitness forum, as I have never started a thread here, firstly i'll intriduce myself.

    AnthonyK is the name and i used to be in a very regular training routine but ever since i came home from holidays in july ive been slacking big time but have now decided for the new year that I'm going to get back into it. My main goals are as follows.....

    Arms Shoulders & Chest - Increas muscle size and strenght, for this i'm just gonna keep doing the obvious - Bench, DB curls, shoulder presses ect.

    I've packed on a bit of weight in the belly area, mainly due to beer!! so i'm gonna start doing the HIIT cardio sessions and concentrate on fully body excercises such as dead lifs and squats.

    The new diet i've planned out for myself consists of mainly chicken and steaks, with steamed veg and every now and again some brown pasta or rice.

    With porridge or meusli for breakfast.

    If anyone here could give me any advice on this or reccomend anything that would be helpful for my goals I would greatly aprecciate it,

    Thank you in advance