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Holiday Accommodation In Ireland - new site


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    firstly best of luck with the site. Its a VERY competitive niche you are targetting and accommodation providers in particular have been hammered in recent times so from my experience are not willing to take any sort of punt. A lot of hotels, guesthouses and self catering operators are up the creek right now. If you can demonstate very good rankings on Google for the terms they think important then maybe you might get some on board. It will be a hard sell though even at the €52 IMO. Good luck though.

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    Same comment as the one for your Shankill site.

    And generally avoid putting text in as a graphic. Logos and a few things, fine but generally text as text.

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    Hi Karen,
    Website looks good, well laid out. If I could be picky about it, the navigation bar across the top looks a bit 90s, you have nice design in the rest of it, why not here too? Just my 2c!