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Sink hole in Germany


  • It could happen in karstic/limestone areas but it would be more likely in areas where there is a history of mining. I'd guess that this is the case here too, but the hole appears to be a bit on the large side...

  • I'll be careful next time Im in the Burren so!
    Ive asked a few farmers that I know & they say that theyve seen sinkholes (usually less than 10ft in diameter.) in some of their fields in east Galway. But there are plenty or turloughs around here, so it must be a limestone area that has caused them.

  • There was one recently in Kilkenny at site of abandoned Galmoy mines:

    If I was being pedantic though, I think this is more properly called a 'shake hole' - i.e. caused by a collapse of an underground void. I think a sink hole is generally where a stream reaches limestone or some other pervious rock and disappears into the ground i.e. the stream sinks into the sink hole. This as opposed to a spring or resurgence where water rises back to the surface etc.