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Teenage Pregnancy Research Project

  • 08-10-2010 10:56am
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    Hey guys!
    I am a student doing a media course in Wexford. My topic is on Teenage Pregancy, the causes and so on. If any of you have any information it would be great! or of any young teenages mothers or anyone who had a baby young could give me an interview I would really appreciate it.

    Thanks xxx


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    I hope this is a hoax post, because I really cannot see a FETAC teacher approving such a sensitive subject for a media course project.

    Asking teenagers what caused their pregnancy is likely to get you into trouble, whether a fist or arrested. Secondly, it is completely inappropriate for you to be approaching this kind of issue without proper training, and for an inadequate reason. Thirdly you are not likely to get enough response to write a report on. Maybe try another topic?

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    This in not a hoax post! Well Looksee i actually have quite alot of information on the subject and it is not that sensitive there are countless websites and agencies willing to give out help and answer any questions i have! I am looking at it from a socio economic viewpoint and not a moral one! I was only asking for an interview with a teenager if anyone was willing as it would help my research! Its not as if i am Chasing pregnant teens in the street harrassing them!! gettin arrested mite be exageratin on yur part! Also the information is out there to be found its not in hiding i dont need training! Thanks anyway for your pointless post it helped an awful lot! x

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    Not the place for this.
    Quite offensive really.
    Thread closed.

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