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Job as a Building Surveyor

  • 15-08-2010 3:25am
    Registered Users Posts: 738 focus_mad

    Occupation: Building Surveyor

    Qualifications held: B.S.c Hons Building Surveying, Member of Society of Chartered Surveyors.

    Previous Jobs: Part-time jobs such as Bar work and security work

    Daily/weekly/yearly routine:
    My weekly routine begins with a team meeting to outline how everyone in the company is progressing on certain jobs and any brainstorming over problems that people are encountering. This then progresses into spending half of my week in the office working on reports for my current job, while the other days are spent on site overseeing construction work or meeting clients.

    My yearly routine involves an extended version of my weekly routine, hitting my work quotas and attending personal career development courses i.e Conservation courses..

    Age bracket: early 20's

    General comments: If you have good spacial reasoning and enjoy problem solving and challenging yourself as no two jobs are the same. i.e Two houses may have damp but there are so many different variations of causes.

    Day In The Life: (describes just a regular day in detail)
    I would get into the office about half 8 (to beat the traffic) checking the emails then straight into what ever projects I have on at the time (have to manage time well), these can range from Building Survey Reports to Project Management. Depending on the progress being made on these projects site visits may be necessary. This past week I was submitting planning applications, deciding re-building cost reports and space planning of a 2,000 m2 office.

    If anyone has any questions don't hesitate to ask..