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Having problem with my new LG HT253DD 2.1 DVD Home Cinema System

  • 26-07-2010 8:34pm
    Closed Accounts Posts: 1 Rosho

    I bought my new LG HT253DD 2.1 DVD Home Cinema System litteraly a few hours ago from Argos. Evrything seemed to be in order but when reading the manual to set up te speakers and test them it says that to set it up you click setup on your remote control then go to audio then click the option 2.1 speaker setup. I did this and when I entered the audio option it says 5.1 speaker setup instead of 2.1 and it doesnt look like anything else is available? I clicked this anyway and tested it out but no sound from either speakers or subwoofer. I'm extremely annoyed and would really appriciate the help :) thanks.