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Links & Vendors - 21/07/10

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    After reviewing the old links thread, myself & Witnessmenow have decided the thread had become antiquated, and could do with a rebirth of sorts. Hopefully we can gather some more recent & pertainent links, and establish some good vendors here. This should avoid the forum filling up with "Where can I buy x product" threads, and keep it all in one handy location.

    Please note, make sure you have read the forum charter before posting a link, to ensure no rules are broken. So, lets get the ball rolling :)

    Links, Guides & Info

    PS3 Firmware - List of all past & present PS3 firmware revisions. Also contains download links (Cheers Cisk)
    Mmmonkey - a fantastic collection of all the most popular console mods. Well detailed, good photos, & he updates hit as he goes. - another good tech resource, with common mods. There is also a decent forum there for ideas & reference.
    PC and Console to JAMMA - Some great guides on how to mod your consoles for use on an arcade cabinet. Also has some other mods listed & explained with good tut's & pics.
    Llamma - Good site for modding info (Kinetic^)
    PS3 News - PS3 news/info site, with recent console articles also. (Kinetic^)
    XBOX Hard Drive Compatability List - handy chart of known drives which can be used in the XBOX. (Kinetic^)
    Team Xecuter - Well established makers of Xbox modding tools (Kinetic^)
    XBOX Media Center Sticky
    PSP Downgrading/Upgrading Guide - Fantastic guide for everything relating to PSP firmware upgrading/downgrading. This is a direct link to a pdf file, so there is a loading time. (a5y)
    PDRoms - Public Domain Roms, which are freely available to legally download. (a5y)
    The Tech Game - Mostly Xbox360 related, some good info on modding/jtag etc.
    Jungle Flasher Guide - a direct link to the most recent Jungle Flasher Tutorial, as of 21/7/10 (Antor)
    Xbox360 Disassembly (nbrady20009)