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Charter - Read This Before Posting

  • 21-07-2010 1:19pm
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    -1. Before you post your site, read through 5-10 other site review threads to get an idea of the regular suggestions that come up time and again - try address as many of those before posting your review request, and mention that in your post - the regular reviewers will appreciate it hugely.

    0. Please be descriptive in your thread title - "New Sports Ecommerce site" is better than "New Site", and saying "what do you think of the logo and design" is a more useful question than "what do you think of the site", if you're looking for feedback on a specific topic.

    1. This forum is for requesting feedback on your website. If you post a site for critique, don’t complain if you get bad reviews. You want people to see it, you have to allow for the possibility that they wont like it. We would prefer if all criticism is constructive i.e. giving reasons to why something doesn't work, and offering alternative solutions.

    Do not take negative feedback personally - most often the person who posts the feedback is trying to help you improve the site, so take their criticism from that point of view. It's always a bad idea to be aggressive when you don't hear what you want to hear.
    It is not a good policy to imply, however obliquely, that the reviewers are assholes.

    1a. If you post your site or design for public comment, please be aware that we do not entertain requests to remove the discussion thread, posts, links or your sitename *after* the fact, for SEO reasons or otherwise.

    2. If posting a question relating to a problem with existing code, post a sample of the code in question. If you are just asking a hypothetical question, try giving an example to go along with it. It will help clarify your question and increase your chances of getting a useful response.

    3. If replying to a question about code/ how a webpage looks / how to do X or Y, try to be constructive. Repeated occurrances of “that’s crap” or “you muppet” etc, will result in a warning and then a good hard banning

    4. NO ADVERTISING. You want to advertise, go and buy a block of banners from the owners. That also includes any "we are cheaper" claims.

    5. People are not going to do everything for you. Come up with an idea yourself, ask for help and suggestions if you want, write something, anything, make an effort and then post for criticism / suggestions / help

    6. GOOGLE is your friend. Don’t be afraid to do a quick search before posting.

    7. Flame wars will not be tolerated.

    8. KEEP IT CLEAN. No links to pornography. Adult business sites - lingerie shops, etc - are acceptable within reason. Full frontal nudity is a good place to draw the line, please do not link to that. IMPORTANT: If you are linking to an adult themed site of any kind, even moderate "adultness" , please include "NSFW" (for "Not Safe For Work") before the link so that viewers are aware before clicking through. Including a description, e.g. "NSFW (Lingerie)" is helpful.

    9. NO WAREZ. No linking to illegal software, no posting license keys, no torrent files. Posting this material is an automatic banning. 1 week for first offence, permanent for repeated offences.

    10. No affiliate links either - you want to make money, advertise the normal way - no cheeky posts


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