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Understanding the Principles of Muscle Supplements

  • 05-05-2010 10:09pm
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    Muscle Building means hard work, and like many other things in life there is no quick fix. However, hard work and dedication isn’t always the miracle solution for gaining muscle mass, because no matter how hard some people try they just can’t get the right amount of muscle or that “bodybuild” they are looking for. This is where Bodybuilding supplements come in. In regards to buying supplements and using them, there is no one all powerful supplement, and it takes using about a few to get an effective combination. Of course eating naturally and supplementing with natural foods is the best way, but with the massive wave of supplements out in the market it is worth doing your research to see which ones can be safe and effective for taking training to another level.

    Here are three categories for bodybuilding supplements that are important to know in order to get the best out of them.

    1.) Muscle Recovery
    2.) Muscle Building
    3.) Energy Production

    So, what are the best supplements in each category?

    Ultimately it comes down to what has been time tested and is scientifically proven.

    Muscle Recovery-

    After getting all pumped in the gym this is the best time to recover and nurture your muscles in order to enable the growth process. In other words, the way a muscle grows in size is during the phase of recovering. After working out your body automatically repairs and protects its own muscle by making more of it, and so this continues as you exercise more and more until the repairing process builds muscle to the point of attaining a ripped appearance. Supplementing this repairing process is exactly what glucosamine does. In essence, the supplement glucosamine aids recovery of your muscles from heavy workouts. There are literally hundreds of glucosamine products out in the market, so it really comes down to research and learning more about the body to get the right one for a current workout stage.

    Muscle Building-

    Supplementation in building muscle is really overrated in regards to supplement advertising. The reality is a routine for building muscle requires a sufficient amount of protein on a regular basis. Protein; in the supplement world, is the fuel and builder of muscle and could be taken through many means including protein foods. Eggs, chicken, vegetables, fruits, red meat, protein powders, or making your own meal replacements are all great ways to get protein. Also, there is creatine, which is possibly an enormous contributor to building muscle mass when combined with lots of protein. Creatine could be found in supplements, pills, protein powders, and meal replacements. Creatine is typically found in the body’s skeletal muscle system and therefore getting amounts of this with the necessity that is protein, then ultimately these could be a potent combination for gaining muscle.

    Energy Production-

    When it comes to energy there is almost nothing that can surpass carbohydrates. Carbohydrates can come from many foods and sources, two of them being breads and pasta. What carbohydrates do is provide energy and stamina during a workout, so it is much like a source of fuel. In addition to foods carbohydrates could also be found in various formulas such as that of powder-like supplements being added to liquid.

    These are the supplements that anyone can use to increase performance and build greater looking muscles, not just bodybuilders.


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    Hiya Buddy!

    Mods, could this imaginary dudes posts not be just lumped into the basics sticky?

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    I am the imaginary dude, and what's your goals for bodybuilding or weightlifting this summer? or are you just looking to criticize?

    -Nick B.

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    Im literally amazed that you are real, being that the same posts have appeared on so many sites.

    I have not criticised you at all.
    And I have no goals in bodybuilding, or interest in it.
    Nor does the Summer have any relevance to my goals.

    Furthermore you could probably stick all your nuggets of wisdom in one thread rather than starting one everytime one comes into your head.

    Or even put it in the dedicated Basics sticky we have going on here. Because then rather than drifting down the endless stream of new threads, only being seen by a handful of people at a time, they would be in one place for all the many people who need advice would be able to see them.

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    Are you this guy? I thought ya were a 'bot. someone else did too. Enough about the bodybuilding stuff, I want to know the right way to create wealth online :P

    Feck it, the wrong way is fine too!

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    -Nick B.

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    Damn, he be some smart robot!



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    /goes off to get stinkin' rich!