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Help please; Broken buckle on Sea Quest BCD.

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    The swivel buckle on my Sea Quest BCD's shoulder strap broke at the end of last season when a tank fell on it. Careless, I know, but anyway, that's life I think! As an interim measure, I've been using cable ties to keep it from opening during dives, but obviously that's a far from ideal situation, because if there's an emergency it would hamper a rescuer's efforts.

    So, something has to be done. I've tried two types of glue; epoxy resin & hard plastic adhesive. Neither of them worked, at least in part because the break has been pulled apart slightly, so there's a gap of about 2-3mm between the 2 broken edges. Because it's made from such a hard, strong plastic, I've found it very difficult to hold the edges together without moving for 10-20 minutes to allow the glue to bond.

    I wondered if it might be possible to replace the buckle altogether, but the webbing is stitched in underneath a cover, so it's impossible to get at, unless I could get an expert to get their hands on it!

    I've attached a couple of photos.

    I'd appreciate any suggestions that the very inventive Boardsies can offer. Thanks.




  • Ah, lads,
    I'm very disappointed that no-one seems to have any ideas!

  • Have you contacted Aqualung at all.

    If they sent you out replacement buckles you surely would be able to have some restitch it.

  • Cipher wrote: »
    Have you contacted Aqualung at all.

    If they sent you out replacement buckles you surely would be able to have some restitch it.

    Not yet, no. Because of the way the webbing of the buckle is hidden away, I reckon there'd be a huge amount of unpicking and restitching to do, and it wouldn't be a simple job. Also, I wouldn't know who to approach about it; would a seamstress/dressmaker, for example, have the skills or equipment to stitch the heavy cordura canvas?
    Thanks for your answer.

  • Try placing somthing across the gap and joining the two surfaces together i.e. a piece of hard plastic/metal bonded across the gap.
    It wouldn't be pretty by it would be functional and thats what counts in the end.

    As regards the stitching, a good bootmakers have sewing machines for stiching leather together. They can sort out stuff like belt buckles, boot uppers, handbags, etc.

  • Should probably send it back to them for repair. Will probably work out a lot cheaper than getting a new bcd.

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