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HDMI Cable Question ? Read This First



  • Registered Users Posts: 1,222 ✭✭✭ andy1249

    Yes , that particular yamaha receiver has had quite a few posts on various forums about HDMI issues , there are firmware updates I believe !

    See here

    quoted from that site :
    The other thing I noted was that often times when switching between HDMI sources or skipping ahead on my DVR, the audio dropped out. It could not be brought back unless I skipped back again, or changed the volume level. This was a big deal to me, as I would not want to have to employ that workaround every time I fast forwarded a program on my DVR! I went to look for support on Yamaha's website, and noticed there was a firmware update (version 1.07). I quickly checked the installed version, and it was only at 1.02. One of the three main improvements/fixes in the firmware was to improve HDMI and iPod connectivity, and they were not lying. As soon as I applied the firmware update, not only did this problem with the audio dropouts go away, I found that this is the fastest HDMI switching in any receiver I have owned or tested. Problem solved and performance improved!

    I have a 1900 myself , so far Ive had no issues with it. By the way , €400+ is a bit of a modest approximation isnt it ?

  • Registered Users Posts: 314 ✭✭ viperirl

    andy1249 wrote: »
    This comes up a lot , various amps not working in what looks to be a cable fault situation , but its not the cable its the amp , some amps have weak or lower voltage level outputs or less sensitive inputs , meaning a cleaner or stronger signal is needed for proper operation , likewise , this happens with some projectors and TV's too.

    The cable itself is usually not the root cause here , rather a lack of robustness in the devices firmware or hardware design. Indeed , without naming any names , some brands are known for it. In line boosters or active switches can usually solve the problem.

    The equalisation/deskew circuitry in the receiver can be different from product to product and this impacts on the ability of the sink to recover the signal completely or to be in such a state that the protocol falls over. So you might see a case where a cheap long cable will not work when connected to a certain AVR/player but switch to a different AVR(one with a better EQ/deskew ability) and it will work perfectly. As Andy mentioned above this is nothing to do with the cable but rather an implementation issue with the source or sink. As has been said countless times here already: once you get a cable that can pass all bits OR the sink can recover all bits, a 'better' or more expensive cable cannot improve anything!

  • Registered Users Posts: 9,101 ✭✭✭ MrVestek

    akaSol wrote: »
    I would miss "chunks" of audio data, e.g. some violins would play and not be audible , I would move back the disk and there they where. Some cables just collapsed causing my amp it to reset( much to my horror :eek: ) I have had frame cutting ,the top part was splitting from the middle of my screen as if it was being hit by different images at the same time, mutch like frame loss in a computer game.

    Then the 9 brands of "Cost effective" HDMI cables I played with were ALL classed as "one's that just did not work"? But the not so "cost effective" have never had that issue?

    I am not looking for self ratification on my expenditure, also I am aware that ultimately copper is just copper. But sometimes you just want it right with out the issue , then yes I would suggest you spend more.

    (Edit :actually I have found some HDMI cables give a slightly brighter picture and somewhat less artefacts and better edging)

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    Resurrecting a thread which is a month old and which has plenty of reasoned argument from evidently knowledgeable posters just to post the same information that is in the link which is in the first post on the thread (as opposed to any comment or contribution of your own experience) is not really adding much to the discussion.

    I'm closing this thread - readers can draw their own conclusions about HDMI cables from the very useful technical explanations contained in the contributions above.


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