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Tyrannosaur Destroyer (Bistahieversor sealeyi)

  • 30-01-2010 1:10pm
    Registered Users Posts: 30,747 Galvasean

    Bistahieversor sealeyi was nearly 30 feet long and boasted 64 teeth (T.rex had 54). These teeth, while more abundant than those of Tyrannosaurus, were smaller and narrower. It also had an unusual hole in it's skull above the eye (a first for tyrannosaurs) which was probably to lighten the skull and a strange ridge on it's lower jaw. It lived about 75 million years ago in New Mexico, some 10 million years before T.rex.
    Bistahieversor (eversor means 'destroyer' while Bisti is the place it was found) is the first genus of tyrannosaurid from Western North America to be named in 30 years. While it's fossils were first discovered in 1989, it has only been published now after lenghtly research.

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