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Amira's dad in Eastenders

  • 18-12-2009 3:27pm
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    Is it just me or does anyone else thing the actor playing Amira's dad in Eastenders the BULB off Sayid from Lost??

    (Sort of a coincidence too as they were disussing Eastender's Sayid in his first scene!)


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    Sweet God - I just googled him. It's only Ferdy from This Life :eek: (for those not in the know, a brilliant series from the 90's). I never recognised him. I f**king loved that show!!

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    He reminds me of Pocahontas. :rolleyes:

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    i clicked on the other night when she was talking to him and i couldnt figure out who he was meant to be til afterwards...anyone else think he looked way too young to be her father?

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    Yes I thought he looked too young also. Just like Lucas looks too young to be Chelsea's father.

    They must do that on purpose to have more attractive people in the show or something. :D