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Smells that remind you of things

  • 03-12-2009 10:55pm
    Closed Accounts Posts: 1,492 degausserxo

    Everyone I know seems to have some sort of smell that reminds them of a particular thing/time/place. For me, Palmer's Cocoa Butter = Play TV, 'cause during this summer, when my sleep pattern was completely reversed, I ritually doused myself in the stuff while watching the only thing that was on the hanger-in-the-back-to-pick-up-the-signal three station tv in my room.

    Now, whenever I smell the stuff, your woman with the red hair instantly comes to mind.

    How about you guys?


  • Play TV=WIN

    That's a really interesting thread actually. Em... There's a certain perfume that reminds me of maths because my tutor from junior cert used to wear it. I wish I knew what it was.

  • The Lynx that smells of Orange reminds me of Oxegen aseverything; my clothes, tent, friends smelt of it as it was the only deodarant we brought with us.

  • The smell of baking bread makes me think about bread baking...

  • The smell of baking bread makes me think about bread baking...

    I love baking bread.
    In fact, I got a job in a bakery....

    Anyway, smells. Errrr, the smell of rollies always reminds me of a really good friend of mine who I only get to see at weekends nowadays, as he's always smoking them.
    LOVE the smell of them, remind me of all of our adventures.

    Ah there's loads.

  • The smell of Bacardi always reminds me of Christmas.

    The smell of JD always reminds me of Heavy Metal gigs and great times.

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  • the smell of paint reminds me of moving into my new house and well this is kind of off the point, but my friend's house always smells so cosy kind of like curry and other spices,its ace. when i get my own house i totally want it to smell like that...

  • The smell of turf reminds me of hard work:mad:

  • The smell of turf reminds me of hard work:mad:

    do you work in a bog?!

  • do you work in a bog?!

    Close.........he's a county bumpkin.

  • The smell of ham reminds me of Christmas.

    And certain perfumes remind me of different people.

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  • The smell of Listerine mouthwash reminds me of Irish College. Today, the soap I used today reminded me of it too for some reason. It's weird cos the one I use everyday.... :confused: