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Crunch Fitness Temple Bar

  • 30-10-2009 1:36pm
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    Hi guys,

    Have been thinking about joining a gym was looking at Crunch Fitness Temple Bar as it is close to work and has a pool.

    I've never been a member of a gym before (or even worked out in one) and I don't really know what to expect. Crunch say that when you join with them you have an induction. Will I be able to get someone in there to sort out a workout plan for me? Like I said, I'm a newbie (and very unfit)

    Also I have been having a bit of trouble getting recent reviews of the place so was wondering if anyone could comment on it.



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    Personally, I think Crunch is a crap gym. I went for a trial there a while ago, and was shocked to find that it had no power rack, no squat rack, no bench press (though they promised to get one). The staff there told me that the smith machine was better than a squat rack NOT TRUE). It's not even a good smith machine, it's got a weird range of motion and I hurt my back on it.

    I also didn't like the dimly lit gym with the tinkly music. Personally, I like bright lights, lots of mirrors and some classic rock when I'm lifting weights. I'd rather have worked out in the changing room.

    But to answer your question, yes, ALL gyms will take you around when you join, and work out a program for you. They will show you how the various machines work and what settings you should use. The crap gyms will have you on machines all the time and ignore the free weights.

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    I have been a member of Cruch on Aston Quay and I DONT recommend it to anyone. The staff are useless and have no interest in you or your goals.

    Friends of mine who are still members have told me recently that the place has gone downhill very quickly over the last year or so and are going to leave once their membership is up.

    If you want a gym in town try One escape in Smithfield or Jackie Skelly or depending on what you want ina gym try the DCC on on Townsend St, went there before and its grand a great but busy pool weekdays.

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    hey i've joined this gym and had an induction. Bascially you book it with a trainer based on your goals as they are specialists in certain areas such as aerobics,weight training and pilates.
    This is free by the way and there is a fitness test that is also included in membership that is worth doing.

    i was never really a 'gym person' but got to say love this fitlinxx thing they have,
    i agree that it is too dark though. Anyways the trainer will ask you your goals and what areas you want to work on. i want to say i want a bigger butt but was too embarassed to ask as anyone in the gym walking past can hear you.
    Next time i'll write everything down and just give it to them.

    Then they go through the program with you and show you the machines and pick the settings and weights,reps and number of sets. I found this motivating as when i'm at the gym i can diddle dally away without doing anything but now i have a 45min workout and go go go with it.

    they have some great classes aswell you should try when you get a chance i did spinning and nearly died! also flat abs is my fav and lean legs,tight glutes and body sculpt are really good.
    I wrote a review on the gym here hope this helps! also if you join temple bar you can use dun laorighes one aswell

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    EileenG wrote: »
    no power rack, no squat rack, no bench press

    = not a gym

    It's a health spa, but dark. Sounds ****.