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Gag Reel

  • 23-10-2009 12:37pm
    Registered Users Posts: 2,725 ✭✭✭ Klingon Hamlet

    Watched the gag reel from the new film, very funny stuff. Spock/Sylar is gas. There's a part where he steps into the tubbolift after relinquishing command and just turns to the camera and pouts like a sad five year old. Or another where he's about to say the If you would prefer it, I can roam the corridors weeping line, and keeps flubbing the lines, then just smirks and says, "That was some real good stuff there I think."

    BEST PART: Kirk and Spock step into the Jellyfish cockpit and do their little chat, except Spock plays an eye-diddly-aye Irishman and Kirk is a Ja Ve Are Jaaaman German. Funny.

    (I'm just giddy about the upcoming DVD release. Yeah. I can't afford Blu-Ray. Sue me.:))