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Limerick Open

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    Just letting everyone know the Limerick Open takes place this bank holiday weeekend. The venue is the Carlton Castletroy Park Hotel (

    Check in is at 11am on Saturday while the first round starts at noon. There are 2 games on Sat (12pm and 5pm), Sun (11am and 4pm) and Mon (10am and 3pm). Time control is 2hrs each. There will be two sections - The Philip Hogarty Open and The Major (Major section is U-1400).

    If anyone requires any more info just send me a PM here or an email at [email protected].



  • Argh, just a tad bit more notice and I might have attended this!
    In saying that I suppose there's still an off-chance.

    How much will the entry fee be?
    Also.. it's been a while since I attended a tournament, would membership to the ICU be compulsary or could I sort that out down the line?