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Seeking female singers with an instrument - guitar/keyboard/anything considered

  • 14-10-2009 7:39pm
    Closed Accounts Posts: 6 ✭✭✭ myIdmachine

    Hello everybody

    I am a singer/songwriter and I have been playing open mic nights for a while now. A few of us from one open night are putting on a kind of showcase show at the end of November. We all want to liven up the music with something extra coz lets face it singer/songwriters are boring unless you're bob Dylan and I ain't!

    So for my songs I'm looking for two extra voices - thats my priority. I think some of my songs could do with some thick backing vocals - almost coral and slightly ethereal/unusual. I would prefer two female vocalists or even one female and one male. Voices don't have to be that good btw. No experience is fine.

    However I also need musical accompaniment . I would consider any instrument but the obvious ones are keyboard or guitar, mandolin, banjo, harmonica, triangle!

    It's plain to see that I have no idea what I want so if you tell me what you do I'll consider it. I have just rented a small rehearsal space (24/7) for a few months so hopefully that will be of use.

    The songs are a mixture of folk and blues and other things. I have some crappy recordings i can send u. They are pretty good songs. In other words they're not ****!
    Think Bob Dylan minus the genius.

    Sorry for the long message - if you want to add your voice and music to my songs and perform them in front of human beings (gulp) at the end of November then let me know.

    Thanks a lot.


  • Registered Users Posts: 807 ✭✭✭ Jenneke87

    Where abouts are you? I can sing(or so other people say) and i've been playing the celtic harp for two years now....

    Love jenny

  • Closed Accounts Posts: 3 GirlWhoSings

  • Banned (with Prison Access) Posts: 140 ✭✭ MagDee

    please check my voice samples to see if you would like that kind of voice.

  • Registered Users Posts: 622 ✭✭✭ inabina

    Hey there,

    I got your pm and tried to send a pm back to you but I think this feature is disabled on your account or something - maybe you could send me a pm with your email address and we can work something out? :)


  • Banned (with Prison Access) Posts: 140 ✭✭ MagDee

    i'm assuming you're replying to myIdmachine and not to me? :)

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  • Closed Accounts Posts: 3 Phantom Phan

    @ Myidmachine doesn't seem to be a PM reply button on your drop down!
    I love messing around with unusual harmonies so definitely interested, I'm 23 and a piano teacher.

    sin é.